Video Programme

International video courses (video cases and/or lectures)

“The practice of homoeopathic medicine is an art, not a trade, a calling, not a business, a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head…”


  • Facilitate in building good quality homoeopaths by a facility supported by highly experienced homoeopaths
  • Demonstrate the art of integrating Classical Approach with Sensation Method
  • Demonstrate the art of case taking and to understand the core disturbance in every patient
  • To enhance ones skills of penetrating into every case
  • To appreciate what is disease which needs to be treated
  • Exposition to the latest advancements
  • Inculcating a firm belief into every homoeopath that ‘Homoeopathy works on easily comprehensible principles’

One of the ways we wish to fulfill our objectives is by offering this HIGHLY VALUABLE VIDEO SERIES which comprises of VIDEO LECTURES ON SPECIFIC TOPICS AND/OR VIDEO CASES From the academy lecture bank which is an extremely rich resource of lectures on various topics by our highly experienced faculty.

Video lectures:

  1. English speaking lectures
  2. Transcriptions of lectures available

Video cases:

  1. Narration of case intervention by the resident doctors with their understanding
  2. Followed by in-depth case-taking of the consultant
  3. Explanation of the case by the consultant
  4. Long term follow up
  5. Transcription of the cases
  6. English speaking cases

List of remedies and cases available:

  • Consultant  Remedies
  • Cases by Dr. Rajan Sankaran  Plant  Mineral  Animal  Nosodes
  • *Cases by Dr.Jayesh Shah  Conifers  Row 2  Spiders  Ringworm
  • Thuja  Borax  Tarentula  Tuberculinum
  • Taxus bacata  Graphities  Mammals  Carcinocin
  • Ranunculaceae  Carboneum sulph  Lac can  Other remedies:
  • Valeriana off
  • Sanicula
  • Pulsatilla  Carbo animalis  Reptiles
  • Anacardiaceae  Petroleum  Crotalus horridus
  • Rhustox  Ozone  Lachesis
  • Rhus radicans*  Row 3  Mollusk
  • Solanaceae  Natrum mur  Venus mercineria
  • Stramonium  Natrum sulph  Sepia
  • Hyosyamus  Mag carb
  • Tabacum  Mag sil
  • Hamamelididae  Alumina
  • Cannabis indica  Alumina sil
  • Papavaraceae  Sulphur
  • Opium  Row 4
  • Piperaceae  Vanadium
  • Piper nigrum  Cuprum acet
  • Magnolianeae  Row 5
  • Nux moschata  Arg met
  • Malvales  Row 6
  • Kola nut*  Baryta carb

Topics of recorded lectures from the other song academy:

a. Concept of health and disease

b.  Art and technique of using the repertory

c.  Application of homoeopathic principles illustrated through cases (including pathological cases) of well known remedies

d.  Introduction to vital sensation and levels of experience

e.  Introduction to miasms (psora, sycosis and syphilis)

f.  Learning and application of new miasms (acute, typhoid, malaria, ringworm, tubercular, cancer, leprous)

g.  Introduction to kingdoms and differentiation between plant, animal and mineral kingdoms

h.  Further understanding of plant kingdom and its evolution and learning various plant families with case illustrations

i.  Further understanding of animal kingdom and its evolution and learning various classes of animals with case illustrations

j.  Further understanding of mineral kingdom and its evolution and learning issues of the rows and columns of the periodic table with case illustrations

k.  Understand various techniques of case taking with illustrative cases

  • Pediatric cases
  • Cancer cases
  • Psychiatric cases

l.  Case examples teaching concept of Synergy: Integrating system, symptoms and genius of the remedy – exclusively through Dr Rajan Sankaran’s video cases interspersed with his explanation and a long term follow up

If required the academy can also organize skype sessions for further discussion and to address any query in between the video sessions.

To impart a continuous and ongoing module of learning and training, ‘the other song’ has set up international video courses at the following places:



Contact details

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Nora Caram

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Deborah Milward

Brazil, Campinas – São Paulo

Ruy Madsen


Young Goo Kim


Carlos Gonsalves


Alexandra Malyutina and Tatiana Pokrovskaya

United Kingdom

Bob Blair


Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick


Rina Valia


Gentiana Ciubuc


Gabriela Sniatala

College associations:

  1. Association with American Medical College of Homeopathy, Arizona

The other song is involved in the training modules designed organized by AMCH for their post graduate students. Advanced clinical training is imparted to students with the help of video cases recorded at the other song clinic.

Feedback from the first year students:

“I am grateful for it as it has helped me to use the sensation method more.”

“Learning by watching ‘live- cases’ and observing the case taking process. Case analysis and explanations.”

“Building community; Working on cases together.”

“Rajan’s clarity in case receiving.”

For details contact Todd Rowe:

  1. Association with Internacionalna Klasična i Francuska škola Homeopatije, Zagreb

‘the other song’ is involved in the training modules meant for undergraduate homeopathic students in this school in Zagreb.

The association involves:

  1. Video lectures on specific topics illustrated with successful cases, especially based on Sensation method and Synergy recorded at the other song
  2. 12 days live case based clinical training, specially designed for the students who attend the course (at special fee) at ‘the other song’ academy from 15th to 27th June 2015

For details contact:

For all those students who are not able to travel to India for clinical training at the academy, which is primarily based on LIVE CASE TRAINING, it is highly recommend that you do this course under the supervision of a coordinator recommended by the academy.

For further details contact the respective coordinators or

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