Understanding the Canindae Family

Understanding the Canindae Family

Dr. Pratik Desai (DHMS, FCAH)

Co-Authors: Armeen Jasavala and Dr. AlifiyaDedanwala, Editors, the other song.

An 18-year-old female consulted Dr. Desai for the complaint of acne with pigmentation over her face and shoulders on 18th July 2015. She had them for the past 3-4 years. Her acne aggravated before menses and during warm weather. It was mainly on the face, especially the forehead and shoulders, covering the upper arm. It would itch a lot eventually leaving dark spots all over. Besides this, she had increased pigmentation in her axilla.

She was studying in class XII, her exams were nearing,and this was one of the major reasons for her stress. She felt she would not be able to clear her exams and would have to reappear.

When asked about the effect of acne and spots on her, she said it did not look good. She felt others had beautiful skin whereas she did not. She longed to have skin like them. Her friends often teased and gossiped about herappearance. This would her upset a lot. She felt they ignored her and also wanted to keep her away from the group. She felt her friends were good looking, haughty and egoistic and did not treat her well. They never included her in any of the group activities nor did they allow her to participate or share their plans with her. She once did have a sense of belonging in that group but now it was as though she was out casted from the group.

On further asking her experience in that situation, she said, she felt she did not have any place in the group; as though she did not belong to their level; as though they were superior and she was inferior. They do not treat her equally because she does not dress up like them in denim and leggings. She felt as though they belonged to a higher category and she to a lower. She wished to be as beautiful as them and be considered one of them.

She aspired to get admission into a medical school and become a doctor,as doctors have a high status and position in society. She explained that having this advantage you can make a difference to you family. Being a doctor can fetch you a good house, car, etc., eventually having a high standard of living. You are no longer poor. She wanted to uplift her family standard so that she could feel at par with her friends.

Further, she mentioned a story about one of her cousins who was not well qualified but looked very beautiful. She wanted to prove to this cousin that she was good too. Her cousin took a lot of pridein herself and would refuse to share her belongings with the patient. She often took advantage of the patient and her father whenever she was in need of something but otherwise would not care about them. This bothered her a lot and she wanted to make sure she could upgrade her family standardsto another level. She felt envious when her cousin boasted about her assets.

As a child she was scared of ghosts and darkness. The fear was of being possessed byghosts and later being killed by the ghost slitting her throat.

Her menses weregenerally delayed by 2-3 months each cycle.


The most important and striking aspect in the above case is the effect of the problem on the patient. This gives us the entry point in the case. We see the patient isextremely troubled by her appearance and that she is mocked and disregarded by her friends.

Here, the main issue about her conditionis the acne and pigmentation on her face, which makes her look ugly compared to her friends. She was not accepted as a part of her group of friends and was ignored by them.This made her feel lonely, left out and inferior to others. She had a strong desire to look beautiful and uplift her standards in order to be a part of the group.

Here, we see an issue of competition and comparison with respect to looks and status. She had a strong desire to look attractive and beautiful,which gives us an idea of Animal Kingdom. Further, we see and a strong need to be accepted as a part of a group. This need to belong to a group and competition within the group is the theme of Mammals.  She had extremely low self worth, low self confidence and self esteem, combined with a feeling of ‘I am not good enough’ and contempt for oneself. This indicates the remedy Lac caninum.

Lac caninum from Soul Of Remedies by Dr. RajanSankaran

The theme in Lac caninum is dominance (the bigger dominating the smaller) and who is going to be on top. Then arises the conflict within themselves: “Do I want to be what I am?” They develop a feeling of low self-worth: “I am not good enough. I am despised. I feel dirty and horrible” and become contemptuous of themselves.

The Lac caninum situation is that of a dark-skinned female child in an Indian home. Her sisters are fairer than her. She tries hard to get fairer-skinned but knows she will never be fair. She is constantly being compared to her “better looking” sisters, and she soon begins to hate herself. Nobody listens to her; she is just not clever enough and everything she says is stupid and foolish. She feels she is uncared for and neglected because her body looks bad.

On repertorizing we find the following:


The patient received a single dose ofLac Caninum 200C followed by placebo for 1 month.

She received 200 potency because her level of experience corresponds to level 3, the emotional level, where we see strong emotional symptoms such as anger, sadness, disappointment and irritation.

Lac caninum belongs to Canidae family of the order Carnivora of the Animal kingdom.

The following chart gives us the distinguishing features of this group from that of Felidae.



Follow Up After 2 Months

The patient reported her acne and rashes had reduced. All of the eruptions on the upper arms disappeared after starting the homeopathy. Her menses had also come on time in the past two months. She felt fresh and happy as her acne was less, and also her skin looked good now. The pigmentation was gradually fading. Mentally she felt calmer, does not shout or get irritated easily. She felt she could live life her own way and there was not a bother about what others had to think or say about her. Her sleep is good and she has had less frightful dreams. Overall she reports that she is 50% better.

Follow Up After 8 Months

The patient says that she is much better. There is no longer acne on the face, arms or shoulders. The pigmentation has further decreased and the skin tone has improved. She was overall happy with her skin now. Her stress levelswere less and she did not feel jealous of others anymore.Her focus was more on herself and her life.Her mood and temperament was fine.She felt more confident within. Her menses were normal and the cycle was regularized. The sleep was very good and overall she is 70-80% better. We gave the patient placebo and she continues to do well.

Dr. Pratik Desai (D.H.M.S, F.C.A.H)

Dr. Pratik Desai is an in-house consultant and faculty at ‘The Other Song’ Clinic. He has played a key role in the establishment of the clinic in the year Jan 2011. His keen interest in teaching has led him to be a co-ordinator and mentor for the Batras group of doctors. His love for homeopathy propelled him to contribute to the literature by conducting provings of remedies such as Dysprosium metallicum and Carbon Dioxide. He is appointed as a mentor for university courses conducted by MUHS at the other song. At the same time, a lot of students seek guidance from him for his knowledge and experience in homeopathy. He is the master mind behind creation of the homeopathic database software for the other song. He has been sharing his clinical experience and successful cases in various Homoepathic journals such as Heritage, Interhomeopathy, Links, NJH and many others.


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