Mentorship Programme

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  • In order to fulfil our mission, the other song is presenting online mentorship program for our international group of homoeopaths to provide ongoing learning platform from the ‘the other song’ academy.
  • Medium: On line sessions once in fortnight via skype or Video conference.
  • Session duration: 2-3 hours.
  • Program duration: 3 months to 6 months.
  • Mentoring on:

a. Day to day difficulties in pratice of Homoeopathy.
b. Ifficulties in practice of sensation method and synergy approach.
c. Helping to solve difficult cases presented by participants (either live or paper case).
d. Helping to ground into the basics of Materia medica and repertory.
e. Helping to understand the remedies with differentiation.


Dr Pratik Desai

Dr. Pratik Desai is an in-house consultant and faculty at ‘The Other Song’ Clinic since its establishment in the year Jan 2011. He is appointed as a mentor for university courses conducted by MUHS (Maharashtra University of Health and Science) at ‘the other song’. His mentoring is highly appreciated by Indian and international students from Canada, UK, France, Romania and New Zealand. His love for homeopathy propelled him to contribute to the literature by coordinating proving of remedies such as Dysprosium metallicum and Carbon Dioxide. He is the master mind behind creation of the homeopathic database software for ‘the other song’. He has been sharing his clinical experience and successful cases in various Homoeopathic journals such as Heritage, Interhomeopathy, Links, NJH and many others. He has graduated in 1998, since then he is following and practicing the teachings of Dr Rajan Sankaran.


Dr Rishi R. Vyas M.D. (Hom.)

Dr. Rishi Vyas is an In-house Consultant and Faculty member at the ‘the other song’ clinic. He has played a vital role in shaping the institute since its inception in 2011.  He has assisted Dr. Rajan Sankaran at ‘tos’ clinic and prior to that he has worked with him for WWR I team (Wednesdays with Rajan I – an online homoeopathic training program).

He gained lot of clinical experience working with Dr. Kamlesh Mehta managing acute as well as chronic cases, supervising and conducting training for interns, and junior assistants in the clinic. He is known for his dedication and hard work for each and every case which has made him an efficient clinician. His thirst for knowledge led him to ardently pursue various schools of thoughts and approaches in Homoeopathy, being able to integrate them effortlessly.  His unique style of teaching and application of repertory to case analysis have been widely appreciated. His lectures on Sensation and Synergy have been well received as well. His cases have published in various peer reviewed journals like Homoeopathic heritage, National journal of Homoeopathy, and online magazine like H-pathy & Interhomeopathy.


Dr. Devang Shah MD (Hom)

Dr. Devang Shah MD (Hom) is an in house consultant and resident to Dr Jayesh Shah at ‘the other song’ since its inception. He is known among his patients as a passionate, dedicated and compassionate healer. Sharing of knowledge is something that comes naturally to him and he has been guiding the budding homoeopaths by imparting the knowledge gained from the masters of homoeopathy and his own practice as well. Through ‘the other song’ academy he has been travelling to different parts of India to teach the sensation method. His core area of interest being case taking; he step by step guides his students into fascinating journey of case taking. With the recent developments in the sensation method he brings the left and right brain together where the symptoms and system converge to one point. To take the homoeopathic science a step further he took up the role of supervisor in conducting a drug proving of a homeopathic drug – carbon dioxide at ‘tos’ academy.


Dr. Manish Yadav B.H.M.S.

Dr. Manish Yadav is an in-house consultant and faculty at ‘The Other Song’. He is a practitioner of classical homeopathy since 2007. He has had the privilege to train under renowned doctors like Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Surimal Sarkar. He is a lecturer for university courses at ‘the other song’ and several Satellite centers across India. His keen interest in teaching has made him very popular amongst homoeopathic students. His passion about homeopathy, has given him immense success in treating challenging cases with homoeopathy has given immense success to deal with these kinds of cases. He has greatly contributed to the book ‘Just you see’ by Dr. Sarkar.

Currently we are conducting online mentoring program in Romania and Australia.


“Thank you a lot for today’s experience. Despite the language barrier, despite the emotions, was a meeting which helped me a lot. Is it easier to learn when you receive an homework, you work and then you are told where you were wrong and what you were thinking good, when you see how others are thinking. Thank you and thank to Dr. Pratik for helping us to be better, spending your time and energy.” Dr. Laura Cozaciuc – opthalmologist.


Contact: Dr Pratik Desai

Coordinator for International Mentorship

‘the other song’.




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