Leap to the similimum introduction and case with follow up

Leap to the similimum introduction and case with follow up

Leap to the Similimum : Introduction and Case

Dr. Divya Chhabra

In Aphorism 7 Hahnemann speaks about the Totality of Symptoms being the outwardly reflected picture of the inner essence of the disease .

So far , we have seen many methods using the outwardly reflected picture.

But what if we prescribed on the inner essence of the disease itself?
That would reduce error considerably.

This inner essence of the disease, let us call ‘The State’.

What is it? And how to reach it?
Our functioning is controlled by the brain.
The brain functions in 2 ways – Conscious and Automatic (Unconscious).

The ‘state’ creates patterns of behaviour that we are unable to consciously control.
Hence , this ‘state’ must originate from the Unconscious or Automatic brain.

And as organ function is controlled by the Automatic brain too, this ‘state’ in the Automatic (Unconscious) affects our organ functioning as well.

Thoughts and emotions take us to the Conscious brain.
So what will take us to the Unconscious ?
The Unconscious as understood through our many automatic tasks, like driving , cycling , etc is getting it’s input from the neurons of the 5 senses.

Hence , if we piggy back on the 5 senses experience, we will reach the Unconscious.

This is the First foundation principle of the method, Leap to the Similimum going to straight to the ‘inner state’ rather than the outer reflected pictures.

But, all 5 senses data is not coming from an unhealthy ‘state’.
The data of the 5 senses that comes from the unhealthy ‘state’ in the Unconscious is blocked by the Conscious brain; As this inhibition is the natural function of the Conscious brain.

Hence, the data of the 5 senses that the Conscious brain attempts to block through Denial , Correction , Unsaid words or Freudian Slips, we recognize as pieces of the puzzle that together make the picture of the innermost ‘state’ of the disease.
This is the Second principle of the method.

The path from the Conscious to the ‘state’ in the Unconscious for this method is –
-the Chief Complaint (area 1)
-Food , Fear , Dreams , Acute (FFDA – area 2)

The words of the ‘state’ are collected in Area 1, that is all chief complaints.
They are confirmed in Area 2 that is the FFDA.

We then, do not ask any of these words, as that would engage the Conscious mind and take us on the wrong path.

As we Continue in the FFDA , the patient gives new words of Denials, corrections, etc. With one of these words the patient Leaps over the metaphorical wall between the Conscious and the Unconscious, bringing together all the pieces of the ‘state’ in one substance, which is the Source of the Similimum.

A Case follows-

D. – How old are you ?
P.- I am 23 yrs old and 5 months.

D. – So tell, me your mom said some allergy problems are there, whatever health problems that you have you can tell me ,have you taken homoeopathy before ?
P – Yes yes
Ok……so the doctor told me that my allergy is mainly allergic rhinitis.
She also told me there are some…….there are some rashes kind of, in my back; ..small red spots……I don’t know, dark……darker spots she said, that was because of the fungus or whatever the allergen which was inside the body.

D – Also mom was mentioning that you feel lethargic, you were telling her something?
P. – Yes actually last couple of months, actually 3-4 months, i have stopped activity; like I have always been a sports person you know, and i could go on my feet all day infact more than 20 hrs, i could just stand and you know, even work at an event or do sports, however last 5 months i have become a bit lazy and lethargic and don’t like my body shape and all because……. i don’t know it’s just a mental state or what it is …..

D. – Hmmm…what do you mean by mental state ?
P. – I mean it’s like interest of getting out or being on my toes is gone like…..

D. – And that is since the last few months ?
P. – Ya just 5 months, I think it’s mainly since August 20…..I think end of August 2013.

D. – 2013, ok before this you never had anything ?
P. – I was all of the ag…..agile you know, the…….”on my toes” kind of guy, never on my heels. I think that’s the difference you make from people.

D. – That’s right ……”on the toes” and not “on the heels”.
P. – That’s the two…….. things. I always thought I was former you know .

D. – Ok,
P. – And I was even more, infact if you know I was very athletic. Now even though I am not building……..building up calories……I am a foodie, but I don’t eat too much. However I don’t work out, go out enough to be honest so……so the consumption has become more than the burning.

D. – hmm…ok go on….
P. – And also the mental status is affected because of that I think …….I mean, just the fact that I was a cool guy before and now I feel that…… and then I keep saying to myself, “go to the gym”……”go to the gym”.

D. – So what do you think changed ….why did this happen ?
P. – Hmm…..I really……honestly thought what I can’t find that missing spot, you know that because of some occurrences a couple of months ago. It is, it is a stress.

D. – Hmm..
P. – Now I am sure its stress because I have been contemplating and I am thinking a lot and I am sure it is stress but I don’t know what is the cause ……stress could be a consequence ……I don’t know the reason. You’re are asking the reason right I don’t know …….

D. – What do you mean you feel there is stress, you feel stressed ?
P. – A-…..is stress. The raising questions……stress is raising, questions to yourself i mean, that’s what it is right ? Raising questions to yourself, not having the right answer to it.

D. – Yes……
P. – Or even thinking that you have a right answer but not following it up …..that’s what I term as…….

D. – What kind of questions?
P. – hmm…..you know personal……professional stuff like that …….like what am I going to do, what do I want to do, what should I do……should I be good at money or should I do what I want to do …..?

D. – Should I ?
P. – Run behind a professional professional career for money or should I do what I want to do.

1)We are conveying what the patient spoke exactly in the
manner he spoke.
2) You would note here that his sentences are not constructed
with perfect grammar.
3) Not that his grammar is weak, while coming close to innermost state, one tends to drop the use of grammar since it is a learned thing, the state expresses itself in a natural unstructured language hence he non grammatically used double words

D.- Which is what…..what is that you want to do ?
P.- I have always been passionate about sports so .. I can’t….I cant see myself away from it so it’s gonna be sports or if that is out there in the sun I think and not sitting back in the desk and I also think my ..my career now has affected also my state right now, family business is complicated……this and that so I…what I want to do is on outside on that …..this complications and you know this is operational bit more but more to the sports and events ..ya so its..its been..
P.- so I don’t think it is a characteristic if I am very passionate about sport obviously that is the only thing I am passionate about right now that is one thing I am passion able about right now ..I have always been so ya I don’t think it is characteristic …getting the very characteristic that you ..

Note –
1) His sentences seemed disjointed and some don’t make
perfect grammatical sense.
This is one of the aspects of the language of the unconscious.Thus this case was very close to the unconscious right from the beginning. This occurs is in cases where there is a predominant mental component.
2) In cases where physical component is prominent, the conscious state predominates and we begin to hear the language of the unconscious, and lapsing into childish or ungrammatical speech later, as the case unfolds.

D.- I get you ..
P. – Like that’s what you are asking , right ..

D. – Right .
P. -Once you get into something, you get to know about that, then you perfect it, then you get to know all, and then you get bored of it …I don’t think ……

Explanation –

● Discussing general details and overview about the patients health through his point of view.
● Now we take each of these and bring the patient down to the the 5 senses.

D – Ok..good let’s go back to your allergy.
D. -It starts with a running nose or it starts with any other sensation in the nose ?
P.- Like a …whiff…a…sniff and eyes start watering and then nose starts watering ……ya that’s it.

D. – So eyes also water ?
P. – Yes..yes..i think it’s something to do with my naso…whatever you call it ya.

D. – What is the sensation in the eyes at that time……just before the watering ..what is that ..you know you sniff because you get a feel in the nose, what is that feel in the nose or the eyes ?

Note –
1) As we enter the realm of the 5 senses, we will first hear direct common words, which are from the natural healthy processing function of the Unconscious or Automatic brain.
2) As we explore deeper, only then we begin to hear the denials,slips,corrections,absurdities and unsaid words .These show that the Conscious is trying to block some words.
3) It blocks those that come from the STATE in the Unconscious, as these are not reality or logical.
4) These are the PQRS symptoms, we collect, as the words of the STATE

P. – Ya ..it used to be a.. tickling kind of a sensation and then i could feel the …water in the eyes before it came out..

D. – You could feel the water ?
P. – I could actually sense the water…

D. – What is that feel ? The nerve sends the signals to your brain and your brain knows there is water in the eyes …… what is that signal?
P. – The signal was that ok, I either had inhaled something which is gonna just you know ……which is why I am allergic to, I am not……

D. – That’s the thought, the reaction…
. – It’s a kind of touch …..see the touch in the eye it is that tells you there is water in the eye, what is that touch ….the kind of touch that you feel..
P. – I don’t know how does the water feel …

D. – You know when something falls in eye it’s a different touch, ?
P. – Its a different thing .

D. – What is the difference between the touch of something falling in the eye v/s the touch of the water ?
P. – Its a secretion…it’s a secretion so it’s just a normal

1) Comparison is a technique for the patient to express the sensation in a clearer manner.

D – But you get a feel of this part obviously.… just try and tell it to me in simple terms ….. it’s like the nerves feel the touch right?
P. – Ya but if I ..its very a..sss…..smooth and slow because its water

P. – And then even I used to feel here ( He touches his eyebrows)

D. – Here, what is the feel over here ?
P. – I feels like mucus sometimes……

D. – How do you know it’s mucus ? Everything has a different touch, if I touch you with a finger or pen, feel is different even if your eyes is closed just with texture your brain will be able to differentiate ?
What is that touch that without looking out your brain knows its mucus ?
P. – It’s just a liquid to be honest

D. – Suppose there is a 5 yr old child, you don’t know sinuses …you don’t know anything…you don’t know mucus ..you just know you are feeling something …?

P. – Honestly it would not bother me much ..ah…..the the feeling you talked about

Note –
1) As children the words we use are the words of the 5 senses and then as we mature we are taught not to use the words of 5 senses but to use the vocabulary words.
2) Hence patient initially finds difficult to unlearn that, and speak just the experience from the 5 senses.That is to be expected.

D. – What is the feel ..what I mean is ….is that the feeling you would get there ?
P. – See this I think is more to do with the phlegm and this ..
(gesture – pointing the throat )

D. – What was the kind of sensation …was there a pain here ?
P. – There was no pain ..its just…..

D. – And the feel ? ….what was it ..?
P. – heaviness

D. – Heavy……just focus on the body and give me more symptoms,. So you felt heavy here ..what other sensation would you get …what was the feel you would get ?
P. – Ok…so it used to be…eye just becomes red …

D. – red……ok
P. – My eye used to become red……they soon start watering……I used to rub like this ( he rubs his eyes) and running nose. Now the feeling that used to be…….it used not to be the mucous or phlegm for the feeling yaa…I used to never get the phlegm either ( he shows his throat ). In this pathology that I am talking about that used to be a different cold – cough …..that used to be very different matter so this was plainly water…you know very light form of water just …plain white water ya.
And sometimes it used to also be caused by the slightest of things, like …when I was sweating ..say maybe I am in the heat …….sweating and…….while playing or something like that…. ..I used to just sneeze 7-8 times ..eye become red ,start sneezing several times..so it’s got to do with….

D. – And the kind of discharge when the water would actually come out ?
P. – It was actually very very lighter thinner than ( he rubs his fingers and thumb) anything else which comes

D. – very light and thinner, ok ,anything else ?
p. – And it used to be salty

D. – And then when it would go into the throat or was there any kind of sensation ?
P. – Its not honestly, it not used to be my throat …it just used to be my nasal ……i used to never, because see, like i said the phlegm and flu that used to you know go into the throat .

Explanation –

● Now he is clearly speaking words of 5 senses in terms of taste, texture, sensation.
● Although these are all common sensations telling us he is in the realm of 5 senses but these are all common symptoms without any denials,slips,corrections,absurdities or unsaid words ….

D. – Ya tell me about that phlegm and flu , what would happen at that time ?
P. – Ok so like i said …this one was allergic rhinitis thing and the other one was the phlegm and flu one normally we get in cold right….

D. – Hmm..?
P. – Cold was again and they were very different ……cold was, i know i got cold because of the weather or this or that and whatever the feeling was like a…..blockage because of nose block ..

D. – Ya the difference …you feel the nose block and then you get a drip in your throat ?
P.- Yes

D. – So what was the touch of it ?
P.- The touch was like i said a…( He feels his thumb and fingers) it would be a…..thick ..liq.. fluid…thick fluid kind of, obviously not very disgusting type, but thick fluid in the throat

Note –
1) Here we are hearing the first denial (not a disgusting type)
we are beginning to hear the words from unconscious, as the conscious is needing to deny them.

D. – Ok..that phlegm would come out and actually what was the colour ?
P. – It used to be same colour..

D. – Which is ?
P. – It is that dirty yellow and green mix…yellow and ..

D. – Yellow and green ? ok..
P. – Yellow and green …light green.

D. – Ok..light green , ok ..very good then ?
P. – Ya..it used to be…..it used to be smooth, it wouldn’t be that harsh on me.

D. – What is that came out ?
P. – Those have been a……those itch that itching and kharash ……gale ki kharash type..

P. – There used to be pain whenever there was passing of saliva .

D. – Hmm……what was the kind of pain ?
P. – The pain was something to do with a…its was here and it was a small kind of a ( He makes a pitch with his hands ) ah…….i wont say pain, it would be a very extreme word for that, but it would be something like …it is something like pointy ..some sharp point, small thing is there and whenever you swallow, you are taking the saliva inside through the throat, that’s when I used to feel that thing is coming in the middle of the saliva.

D. – Little bit about its texture ?
P. – a…its hard but you know how mucus jelly is

D. – Describe why do you call it ……
P. – Soft and…

D. – Yes?
P. – disgusting ……I don’t know how ..many different kinds of phlegms are there

Note –
1) This denied word ( disgusted ) has been expressed again and he was saying the word hard and changed it to say soft indicating the word hard comes from the state in the unconscious.

D. – Generally when you say jelly mucus , what is the kind of texture?
P. – like how a booger is

D. – What did you say ?
P. – Booger

D. – Booger ..what is it ?
P. – Whatever the..

D. – Ok..
P. – But a..I am talking about the throat phlegm it was..it was soft ..jelly…yellow …green…yellow..green mix.

D. – Hmm..very good..
P. – It was not separate but…sometimes darker

D. – Hmm..
P. – The whole congestion here……in the morning I used to wake up ..I used to cough and that used to come out . Now see, we have discussed three different things- one is throat congestion the other one was that prickly feeling in the morning…that used to not have the phlegm or anything no.

D. – Do you have any fever with this ?
P. – No ..last time i did not.

D. – Overall do you get fever with this episode sometimes ?
P.- Hmm..

D. – Tell me once the fever starts what is it that would tell you that you are now getting fever ..how would you know you are getting fever ?
P. – some weakness, some weakness.

D. – Ok, go on
P.- Some chills..

( He has already mentioned that when he would sweat he would also get cold,
so rather than chills and fever as symptoms we begin with sweating since it has a co-relation in his case )

D. – Chills , what do you mean by chills ?
P. – A…not for example feeling colder than usual.

P. – Want to be just resting in the night when i would sweat.

D. – Sweat , how was the sweat like?
P. – Just normal sweat on the t-shirt.

D. – Smell…say that smell…how would you closest compare that smell to what would you compare closest ..can never be exact a..this thing but if you can closely compare it to something ?
P. – Hmm..Body odor mixed with so…a…to the sweaty body odor mixed with a slight …

D. – Just say what were you saying don’t think wrong or correct ?
P. – the smell right? so its the…

Note –
1) Words from the state that is the conscious mind, blocks it by denial, correction or stopping before he says it, as an unsaid word….
so we encourage the patient to complete whatever they wanted to say & then correct it aloud

D. – the body odor mixed with ?
P. – Sickness kind of smell i don’t know ..of the hospital room ..i don’t know..i really don’t know.

D. – Closest something else in the world apart from sickness that you can compare with..slight closest ..it can never be exact ?
P;. – I can’t give you this one ..it’s not very easy ..it’s a…i wouldn’t even say dirty water like you know how dirty water smells little bit …..

( here he is denying the dirty water indicating it’s coming from the unconscious)

D. – Smell of just pure dirty water ?
P. – Pure dirty water would be ..it used to have small tinge of staleness……staleness tinge in it …infact a…like how in fruit goes stale and from far you smell it you feel the staleness…….ya stale.

D.- Are you seeing any particular fruit right now…..just say a particular fruit when it is fresh and when it is stale …the difference in it. Take any one fruit…which fruit would you take……just the first fruit doesn’t matter ?
P. – I would take the banana

D. – Ok…so normal banana and a dirty banana ,what would be the difference in the two in its smell ?
P. – Honestly like I said, I have to smell right now……it’s not exactly a banana.

D. – Why not ?
P. – Because when banana goes stale it becomes black and this is…. no no this smell feels ..

D. – What does it feel?
P. – musky …….a banana feels musky when it is stale, I think this is ……

D. – Musky meaning ?
p. – I don’t know..its a paa….i don’t know soft i think

D. – Complete the sentence you were saying paaa……or something ?
P. – No..no..i was saying powder …it becomes soft and very lightly material because the material is not consistent anymore it is soft right ..you ..you know what i am trying to say.

Explanation –

● At first the smell of the sweat he said it’s not like dirty water ( through a “denial” opening a path towards the unconscious.
● He said dirty water is like stale banana and then denied that as well – confirming that we are on the right track so we now ask him to describe the banana smell – which went to musky but his sweat smell is not musky hence musky is coming from the unconscious – a peculiar word which is not the reality.
● He says a half word paa…says is powder ( which is powdery as a stale banana does not become powdery ) then he realizes and changes it to soft
which is a logically correct word.
● Hence we have musky and powdery as the words from the state in the unconscious.

D. – This is very important for us in homoeopathy, see this is what happens that everybody’s sensitivity and perception is different right ?Somebody perceives something like for example, some people feel smells stronger than others, some people perceive textures stronger than others , some people are more sensitive to a particular texture ..this is all our body type right so this gives us clues about one’s constitution, which is why I am asking you questions, so the way you are describing a banana not everybody would describe it in this way

Note –
1) Here we are reassuring his conscious mind, which would feel uncomfortable hearing the absurdities coming from the state.

P. – Right so
P. – Honestly about that staleness and that smell which i get when I have a flu or the viral whatever.

D. – I know we will go to that, but just leave that ..give me this so I know about your sensitivity ?
P. – Ok

D. – So when you said the banana is more black ..?
P. – It becomes moist …it becomes moist and so you know how it is.

D. – And the feel , feel on the hand ?
P. – Sticky

D. – Sticky..ok?
P. – Ya it is sticky.

D. – Ok..?
P. – And a..like I said moist, sticky and soft ya…..

D. – Hmm…and you also said musky, so musky ?
P. – Ya but I don’t think that’s the right word

Note –
( confirms that his conscious mind is denying musky which is a PQRS and hence we follow it further )

D. – What is musky ?
P. – You know when you…..

D- I agree with you it’s not a right word, but we can use in different areas. so I am asking you correctly where would musky be used ?

P. – Ya correctly it would be just I ……I don’t know.

D. – Where would you use the word musky ?
P. – I have always come across it in fragrance.

D. – In fragrance ..so what kind of fragrance will be musky for example ?
P:.- Something …with smooth, a bit smooth and recurrent but constant with the smoothness.

D. – Smooth in its texture or smooth in its fragrance ?
P.- Both….. fragrance, because when it would be texture it would be something..it would be something to do with a light shade of a velvet or whatever ……yaa a light shade of certain velvet…

Note –
he said both first and then changed it only to fragrance

D. – A light shade of velvet …what kind of velvet ?
P. – About the texture…cloth

D. – Cloth…so velvet meaning its very light
P. – not velvet …silk

(here he is denying velvet)

D. – Silk ,ok why not velvet ?
P. – Because i haven’t come across as a broad prospect.

D. – Velvet typically when you say velvet what is the picture you see ?
P.- Velvet would be again ..picture would be velvet cloth

D. – A cloth ok..and how would we recognize it is velvet by looking at it ..for example silk we would say is shiny you can do this to it so we recognize silk…what is the characteristic that we would be ideal just by touching we say see this is velvet ?
P. – It looks raw… but it depends on the range of velvet. A.. classic would be a velvet carpet

D. – Just draw it for me no what is it..give me the paper. ..draw it for me ?
P. – I am talking about those ..those pink or red carpets which is there for shows and which feels ( Eg – feels his fingers) very very soft velvet carpet types very very soft not very rough carpet but there is its not..its not a..not with a small….. its not like a rough carpet

Note –
Here we see a denial of the rough as well as an unsaid word with something small so we encourage him to complete the sentence knowing that it is coming from the unconscious

D. – Not with a small….?
P. – That is more …….more furry and soft

D. – Furry meaning ?
P. – Furry as in ok furry is with long hair to be honest …fur is considered ..is associated with longer type of body hair but that smooth higher thicker than silk and non carpet feeling

Note –
( he is denying the fur here )

D. – Ok……so its like that feeling but not like a long hair one ?
P. – Definitely not…definitely not long hair.

D. – That long hair which you said, like long body hair , what is the image you see?
P. – that is fur

D. – Ok..What feeling were you talking about the velvet feeling …how does it associate ..?
P – We came to it from musky ..smooth …smooth
so what were we talking before that ?

D. – Velvet …don’t worry ..I know what we are doing you don’t worry?
P. – Oh ya we were talking about the banana and a…banana and velvet is nowhere associated

D. – No but the muskiness now in general, you were saying that some kind of fragrance you call musky …what would you call musky …don’t worry say what comes first to you ..I know what we are doing ..I know where we are going don’t worry .
P. – No i am just trying to know

D. – SO don’t worry about it
P. – No..no..no..I am just trying to understand.

Note –
1) It’s essential at this point to comfort the patient, since he is entering the unconscious space and there is an underlying conflict between his conscious ( logical mind ) and the unconscious ( state ) of the patient.
2) Ask the patient to just let the flow of the conversation continue without trying to alter the data

D. – Don’t even try …don’t even try don’t think …don’t try ..just go with me..ok ya
P. – So ya a…musk you said.

D. – Hmm..what’s the first thing if i just say musk ..not connected to anything ?
P. – You know, now this is very silly

As you enter the Unconscious, the patient will often use words like “this sounds silly” or “this sounds stupid”.

D. – Ok never mind..
P. – But i don’t know if you see this deodorant “brut”.

D. – Ok..tell me the bottle colour?
p. – Green colour ..the green colour.

D. – The dhakkan is what colour?
P. – Its black colour……i’ll show it to you on phone.

D. – No no just make me experience it and see it the way you are seeing it
P. – So there used to be this deodorant called “Brut”

D. – What kind of a bottle ? Made of ? make me see the details
P. – Ya metal bottle ..green bottle and it used to be written in bold.

D. – Old one or this is ?
P. – Right very old …do you know what i am talking about ?

D. – But i am getting it back in my memory
P. – Ya

D. – As you are telling me i am getting back..
P. – It used to be this circular bottle and a head , the flavour used to be “Jovan musk”.

Note –
1) The musky ( a part of the unconscious ) we take that ahead in the case –
he talks about a perfume
2) It’s important to ask the person to actually see the thing they are describing., It should be coming from an actual experience in real. To be assured that the patient is talking from his 5 senses and not from imaginative thoughts.
The patient is experiencing from 5 senses and not just learnt words ( coming from thinking brain) .

D. – What was that smell like you used it ever ?
P. – Ya so I …it was that you know smoothly gets on to you and then its lingering ..

D. – Lingering meaning it would linger is that what you are saying ?
P. – Yes it would linger and give you ..ok if this would have ..if this ..it felt like powdered smell.

D. – Powdered smell ?
P. – Powdered smell but with the deodorant touch to it and that thing but it used to be quite good.

D. – Powdered smell meaning which one ?
P. – As in powder u know that light text..re I don’t know smell cant have texture whatever but

D. – Go..on.
P. – A..like I said lingering and light.

D. – And when you said powder smell you meant like the smell of powder ?
P. – No..no..not that compound.

D. – Not that ?
P.- Not that compound..nothing..nothing like that i am saying ..

Explanation –

● While describing the banana he slipped on musky which then he denied and said there is no connection (denial – coming from the unconscious )
● Musky when asked to what he means – he said it’s mostly associated with fragrance and textures – like a velvet …..not velvet , it’s silk he says.( correction )
● Velvet – texture – went to furry – long hair – not long long – ( Here velvet came from the unconscious which went to – furry – furry here becomes a word of his state as it comes follows a line of denials )
● When the patient goes into the unconscious often they lose the thread of the conversation – which happened here as well and the patient asks from where did we land here. It’s important to keep telling the patient its okay and keep moving ahead without making them self-conscious.
● Now we have musky and fur from the unconscious

D. – Hmm…..ok. Anything else in the past you had any other health problem ?
P – no other issues ..i have always been a sports person ..

D. – Major sports injury ?
P. – Ya.

D. – Which one?
P. – 2 – one on my thigh and one on my ankle.

P. – That would pain ..a little bit of pain but manageable. I don’t know how and what Ya just a muscle pull.

D. – Then ?
P. – Then my ankle …ankle twists….that used to happen..happen means thrice till now.

D. – What is the feel there ?
P. – The feel is like ok, there is no blood flowing in that part

D. – How would you describe that ..what is the sensation that tells you ?
P. – My whole body weight is on my ankle while running and it twists ..you don’t land on the ankle now but when you put your foot long then you just land on your ankle and that’s when you feel that at that moment if it was like a sprain..ankle sprain has no blood, but you know there is an irregularity there because of this sprain and being honest with you.

D. – So after that when you used to walk on that leg ?
P. – ya..ya…so after that when i used to walk it used to be a big swelling ..big big swelling.

D. – And the texture of that swelling ?
P. – that used to be something like a…like very disgusting and very sort of…. not very soft ..the texture would be…..

D. – Just say the first thing you were going to say when you said disgusting there was something which came to you then you said disgusting …..when you say disgusting in what comparison ?
P. – I said it was disgusting because see our ankle just imagine… ..your right ankle and it is ..it’s a bony thing ..thing is ..it’s gonna be triangle……slight triangle thing over here now as I draw here ..so this is my foot and this is my ankle ya…I mean they are facing in front and your ankle goes thoda outside …so when i put my foot is here ..ankle goes here ..so there used to be this big blob of skin, used to come up randomly from nowhere I don’t know how ..there is a bony ankle, how could a blob of skin come up because of sprain and the top I just touch it ..one small layer used to be thin like this, I used to feel like there is fluid thing happening there ..blood ..its pus.

(Disgusting came as a denial before, so therefore we follow it ahead now )

D. – So your eyes were closed and you were touching that, what is the texture ?
P. – A…

D. – If you had to compare this disgustiness in its texture to something else not connected to the hand or the body ..what could it be …exaggerate that disgustiness..what is the first image that ..when you first said disgusting what is the texture you see?
P. – It is like for example in a laboratory

D. – Hmm..?
P. – You have a dirty creature like say fr….

Note –
1) ( fr…. unsaid word …..disgusting came from the unconscious – which further went to this )

D. – What were you saying?
P. – A lizard

D. – What was the first you going to say…say it ?
P. – A frog

D. -Ok..
P. – A frog……you know how a frog is like ..it is like feels ..its its tough ( HG – fist closed ) it is tough from inside but it has this mucous feeling on top that dirty green ..one layer goes ..it goes inside a little bit ( HG – finger pressing down ) like a like a nerve ..ya ..but frog is actually tough imagine..

D. – Ok..tough meaning ?
P. – Tough as in…… .

D. – Whatever comes to you say it..then correct it later. Let me hear it. ..I’ll tell you what’s happening. In a sentence something may come midway but in association with that there will be a couple of words that may not be relevant to you .When you edit inside your head and you give me only the correction ,certain right words which are vital to me go, and i never get back. So you say that out aloud even if they wrong and correct it later. So in that way we will filter out the wrong words nothing vital will be left out.
P. – ok..it looks slimy but its sturdy and hard.

D. – Have you ever touched an actual frog and an actual lizard ?
P. – I have touched a frog yaa

D. – And what is the skin like …you have touched that ?
P. – Yes

D. – What do we see if you just look……if you make me see the frog you saw what is it..what colour ?
P. – Green dark green

D. – Green …and what is that you see on it surface just talk from your 5 senses ?
P. – 5 senses..

D. – I have to see what you are seeing right now .there are different types of frogs.. the one which you are seeing, make me see that, ..that’s it.
P. – Its a dark green plant like…plant like colour and when you actually touch it it was ..it was just rough skin ya rough skin and slimy but thick slimy

D. – That slimy ..thick slimy meaning ?
P. – Slimy is like a green …green and no not slimy slimy is the wrong word but

Note –
1) By his denying slimy he is indicating it is coming from the state of of the unconscious.

D. – Why slimy it will not be ..what will actual slimy be. tell me something which is actually slimy quick ?
P. – Mucus is slimy..

D. – Apart from mucous ..some object actually that is slimy, the first thing that you see…..just the first thing even if it’s wrong.
P. – I said mucus is slimy

Explanation –

● While describing his physical complaints he has moved to describing animal
Indicating to us, we can now move to the Ffda ( Food Fear Dream & Acute )
where the words we have chosen like –
Musky,Powdery & Fur shall get confirmed and we go one step ahead.
● At every step of the case taking its essential to keep reminding the patient to explain his symptoms through 5 senses ( which may not be their usual mode of communication – hence to be emphasized )

(Entering the Food, Fear, Dreams & Acutes)

D. – Ok..ok so tell me as a child what is it you were afraid of as in you know how kids are afraid of certain things ?
P. – I really can’t…..

D. – Try you know how kids are afraid of certain irrational things ?
P. – Actually i remember i would be a happier and friendlier kid always.

D. – Ok..what else ?
P. – As a child i would be afraid of heights is one thing.

Note –
1) While exploring fears, we focus more on objects than situations, keeping the patient to talk in terms of 5 senses and not from an emotional or thought driven mind.

D. – Heights ..what else ?
P. – ………..

D. – Anything else you know how kids are afraid of somebody is afraid of cockroach ..somebody is afraid of water ..somebody is afraid of dark ?
p. – I used to be afraid of cockroaches

D. – Ok..what else?
P. – The sight of a cockroach used to scare me ……it would be an alarming situation then.

D. – Haa..haa..little bit more ?
P. – Lizards also i used to be scared of.

D. – Lizards ..ok
P. – I used to be never scared of dogs but in between i was scared of dogs.

D. – Hmm..
P. – Hmm..i used to be afraid of glasses if it fell down …i used to go bare feet, so i used to keep getting hurt because of glass pieces in my feet .

P. – Yaa but that’s after it happens, like after you know when i am coming i am not afraid of glass when it goes in that’s when you realize later it pains

D. – What would be the feel ?
P. – Ohh glass goes in my feet …..the feel used to be when it touched my feet ..how do i explain this

D. – The sensation when you walk ..the glass gets in ..you get a particular sensation ,what would be that sensation ?
P. – Its a ..ok like i said ..put this ( Hg – He pokes a coaster in his hand ) ..it’s in but its not coming out.

D..- Right so it’s there, what is the sensation like ?
P – Poke ……that poke thing is there inside me and it’s much more serious than just a normal poke ……and it’s now gonna be ..it’s gonna take time to heal so that’s gonna sense ..sense of discomfort is there ..a discomfort and ya..pain

D. – What other things were you afraid of ?
P. – I was afraid of heights

D. – Heights ,hmm..hmm..
P. – Not afraid of fire..not afraid of water to be honest.

D. – Hmm..
P.- Ohh……ya deep waters……i know swimming but i don’t know that ( deep water swimming )…..that’s different.

P. – A..i was afraid of ghosts, not much but i don’t know….. ya ghosts.

Note –
1) He is expressing his fear as, afraid not afraid referring to the confusion between the state from the unconscious and his conscious mind trying to block it.

D. – Destruction as in ..in what way ?
P.- Like i don’t know ..i used to be afraid of you like human destruction like war and all that used to bother me ……violence kind of violent things.

D. – When you said ghosts as a child what was your image of ghosts you know like ?
P. – My image of ghosts because of thanks to cartoon network that was a man with a white cloth and….

D. – Man with a white cloth ,very good , go..on
P. – Yaa…….floating around in the room without feet

D. – Ok apart from ghosts was there any other image from cartoon that created fright, meaning not real images but creatures that do not exist probably but as an image that as a kid would frighten you ?
P. – No

D. -Monsters and aliens some images like that ..?
P.- No

D. – Nothing ?
P. – They don’t frighten ..they would disgust you but then …..

D. – Give me an image of disgusting ?
P – ….

D. – Just make me see it as a picture with the background
P. – So you ..you are talking about monsters ..aliens right ?

Note –
1) Both conscious and unconscious mind sees visuals.
2) Images of the unconscious are spontaneous with an actual background, while conscious mind images will just be an object against a plain white background. Hanging loose in the air with a white or black background to it.
3) Background emphasis is thus important to follow the correct visual leading to unconscious.

D. – Yes you said some disgusting..the image that is not scary.
P. – So i am talking about a very like a ….ok like gorillas ……what we used to call them ? dinosaur ya take the dinosaur but you know how dinosaur is like a free hands whatever ya..just take the dinosaur size ya ….the disgust feel of a dinosaur and an irregular shape a……monster now ….its not gonna be….
(changed gorilla to dinosaur)
D. – go..on..just keep going on don’t stop. whatever correction you want to make
P. – Alien..it has something to do with an alien

D. just whatever you are seeing. even if it is wrong
P – can be a monster ..can be a creature .
P. -It’s mainly because of movies i have seen

D. – Thats ok ..you saw a big thing which is irregular shape ..colour?
P. – Something unconventional not irregular unconventional shape ..its not …..its not gorilla……it’s not a dinosaur ……it’s an alien say for example one eye this big brown dirty thing and ya it’s just disgusting and random things popping out from its body.
(denied gorilla and dinosaur)

D.- Random things popping out meaning ?
P. – For example like lumps of disgusting you know disgusting skin.

D – Hmm..hmm..and when you say Gorilla, what is the image of gorilla that comes first in front of you ..actual gorilla as opposed to the monster ?
P. – The image of a gorilla?

D. – Ya
P. – its fine

D. -Make me see it ?
P. – Its standing and it’s got a human like not actually like a human but a brown face with lots of hair all over the body.

Note –
1) In FFDA he denied gorilla and hair our chief complaint words ( which we got from slips, denials, corrections or absurdities)

3) Hair being on the gorilla , there is a suggestion of it being a mammal, However still keep an open mind, as there could be an element of surprise.

D – Colour what you are seeing, there are types of Gorillas ?
P. – I am looking i was looking at black, brown

D. – As a child what were the creatures..animals living creatures you found disgusting ?
p. – I found frogs disgusting..anything that lives in a swamp

D. – Hmm..
P. – Dirty yellow small fishes you know ..the small ones.

D. – Tell me colour, size , shape ,texture of these ?
P. – So there used to be this dirty pond there….there used to be small fishes, how to describe it ..It could be tadpole ya it could be tadpoles

D. – Colour ?
P. – Colour would be a.. a brown ..normal brown light brown.

D. – Small..?
P. – Ya small

D. – What was it you didn’t like about it ?
P. – They used to sw..swim in shallow water and they used to be so many of them.

D. – Hmm..what animals as a child you were afraid of , fearful?
P. – Hmm…while i was a child i was afraid of….. ohh gorilla sorry dinosaurs ya saw once that movie dinosaurs one.

Note –
1) Once again gorilla slipped from the unconscious while describing fears.
Conscious mind has stepped in to stop it.

D. – In which movie ?
P. – Which is that movie Jurassic park

D. – Ok…ha..ha.. so that gorillas also you said
P. – No..no..not gorillas ..gorillas were friendly to me

D. – Ok…..and dinosaurs what is it you were afraid of dinosaurs ?
P.- Because they pop up from anywhere ..they were very big and and uncontrollable

D. – Give me the image of the dinosaur that as a child you would afraid of in the movie ?
P. – So for example we are sitting in a car window suddenly next to you ..you saw dinosaur face here and there is a road and crumbles the door ..that movie when you see na.

D. – Crumbles the door Meaning ?
P. – I mean destroys the car

D. – So what is he doing ..standing like this ..like this you know different dinosaur ..their body is different..
P. – Ya you know the…..

D. – ………
P. – ya

D. – I know the names but i can’t correlate..make me see it ?
P. – Make you see it..so it’s a big thing

D. – Big thing …
P. – Standing on the two feet ..

D. – Two feet..
P. -Two feet like this …two hands like this ..two feet like this

D. – Hand like this ,ok
P. – Then a big face coming out like this…(HG hand moving ahead )

D. – Face coming out like this..
P.- Typical ..typical

D. – Head how is the head ..?
P. – No…like this ..like this

D. – Ok..and the skin..anything on the body ..each of them have something different no ?
P. – It’s not clean skin ……it has something projecting outwards.

D. – On the body…? draw what you see on the body ..just as an image ..just as a sketch how is it ?
P. – It is a…i don’t know what to say but no i can’t oh ya so it used to have these, you can say it as thorns or horns on the body and ( he points his back ) lumps and irregular rough skin.

D. – Hmm..
P. – I can’t draw that ..

D. – Thorns or horns meaning ?
P. – Like you know a..i don’t know ..take crocodile skin ..you know how you remember crocodile skin right ..its not..its not plain (HG – Hand goes straight ) like..its bumpy ( HG – Small hills like ) and lumpy and thick and green and rough

D. – Ok..thats thats very good drawing actually ..ya ok..
P. – Is it ..i mean that’s …i don’t know if you can relate to it I am sure you can relate with this

D. – It’s perfect i get it ..i get it now ..i get what you see ..i need to see what you are seeing
..now forget about it ..thorns u were saying in connection to this ?
P. – Ya ..thorn is not correct over here

D. – So drop this trust me and just go with me..i know that it is not connected to this when you say thorns what is the first picture that pops first in front of you …first picture ?
P. – Thorn?

D. – Thorn..what is the first thing you see , don’t think ..just give me the first image that you see ?
P. – A prickly..prickly thorn a..

D. – And horns,if you say horns..what’s the ?
P.- Horns..thats..thats just an ox

D. – Ox ?
P. – Ya

Note –
1) He is talking about the “ horn” word for the crocodile which is not there in a crocodile in reality, but is there in the ox, again a mammal

D. – Ha..ok..what is the image of the horn that you see ?
P. – Now i am seeing it as around ..

D. – Make me see…..just draw that ..
P. – This is the head and it will be like this

D. – Hmm..?
P. – Ya ..probably here and whatever …ya these two ..that will be its on ohh.. the horns right ?

D. – Ok..and the feel of these ?
p. – Ivory..

Explanation –

● Dinosaur description – he slipped on “thorns” instead of saying “horns”
● Following the line of slips – horns – went to ox or bail ( Again Confirming Animal )

Food –

D- Ok as a child what is it that you hated to eat and drink ?
P. – Ya ..you know gawar ( flat beans) ..i don’t know
P. – Green beans ..green beans that tastes kadwa

D.- Ok..you don’t like that ..now next when you are describing to me any food that you don’t like, don’t tell us the name ..just describe it so that we can clearly see it. because i need again the texture…..your flavour, so what you tell me the name you kind of think i know it…gawar i got give me another one ?
P. – What is used to be..what i used to dislike ?

D. – Hmm..
P. – Purple vegetable

D. – Hmm..
P. – Same one you want ..the purple vegetable i used to hate and crocodile feeling vegetables…… so that will be karela, one is green and the other that purple vegetable i dint like.

D. – Purple vegetable ..its texture?
P. – On the purple vegetable ?

D. – Hmm..
P. – Same like a..smooth from the outside ..stem on top ..bulging from below somewhat tubular and cylindrical and the texture……not very soft

D. – Hmm
P. – Ya..

D. – What you didn’t like about it ?
P.- The look of it…..

D. – Tell me about the look of it ?
P.- Just didn’t look anyways the look of it was purple and like i said the look of it was purple and y……it is something i never thought should be or could be eaten.

D. – Right ..right which other ?
P. – then like i said karela

D. – Hmm..
P. – And now it’s reminding me of crocodile ..it has got something to do with it

P. – Just avoid it …..i always avoid it …..i don’t..i think i have eaten only once or twice in my whole life

D. – So what about it you didn’t like at that time ?
P. – The look of it..the look of it like the look of it is very long thin and its got irregular texture like a crocodile texture and just never looked interesting……Lady’s finger sorry i never not like it, i was okay with it ..

Note –
1) He said he didn’t like lady finger, then he is correcting it saying i liked it which means that we should move ahead further in the direction of ladyfinger as it is coming through a correction ( route of the unconscious).

D. – Lady finger what about it ?
P. – I used to see generally, i used to repel green vegetables, some if them but lady finger……lady finger i used to just eat so used to like more, i used to not dislike.

D. – Describe lady finger the way you liked.
P. – Eating or look wise?

D. – both .
P. – eating wise i used to feel that it was a..slimy from the inside but it used to go in very smoothly and easily so it’s not …..not be very harsh on taste also

D. – Slimy like ?
P. – Like a…i inside the lady finger there used to be those beads right and what used to be holding the beads there used to be this solid but not so solid liq..solid and liquid kind of a thing which used to be not green color..it used to be something like grey colour grey or white base colour..it used to be so

D. – What about the texture i didn’t understand when you touch a raw lady finger what does it feel like ?
P. – Ya..something like less disgusting like a frog like remember i said the frog whatever it is like ..grainy green …if you just look at it ( HG – He keeps his index finger downwards and moves his other hand over it ) ..grain green

D. – What do you mean grainy green ?
P. – Like you can feel like..( He moves his fingers on his cheeks)

D. – Just speak what you were saying now don’t ..don’t keep it away say what were you feeling when you were saying grainy green?

D.- What do you mean by grainy green and then what did he said it’s not like what ..not like gawar ( flat beans )….the grainy green describe to me na when you say grainy green , what do you mean by grainy green ..green as a colour..grainy as a ?
P. – Touch irregularity

D. -Ok..so you were when touching here ..were you connecting it to some texture ..no ?
P. – ( HG – He touches his cheek ) It would be grainy but if we shave i mean the texture ..if we shave..

D. – So what’s the difference ?
P. – I am not touching the skin..i am touching the hair.

D. – Can you feel the hair ..how did it feel?
P. – The points ..the points i can feel

D. – How does the hair feel ?
P. – Grainy as in….

D. – Grainy as in?
P. – Grainy as in a……take that grain……take take whatever

D. – Ha……which grain …..which grain are you seeing in front of you ..you are thinking of a grain no..which grain ?
P. – I am not getting the word now..salt is too sweeter ..too smooth salt is too smooth

D. – Ha..salt is too smooth
P. – Take saw dust ..take saw dust and thicken it a little bit

D. – Ok..
P. – Take saw dust put some water on it ok.. Put it on a flat table and press ..make it flat

Note –
1) The earlier word we had – Powdery is now taken ahead to grainy

D. – Ok..
P. -Let it dry ..stroke your finger over it ..it will give you that grainy effect right like molecular powder..powder effect powder effect but not very smooth you can actually feel every powder of it

D. -Ok..now if you were to leave the connection with the lady finger ..leave the connection with anything ..just if you said grainy just pure not connected to the same texture..just pure grainy ..classical, what is the first image that you will see?When you said the word grain fro example what is the first thing you can see in front of you ?
P. – I see what in front of me..

D. – Wheat ok..describe it as a texture, what kind of wheat ?
P.- Single piece ..pretty smooth ( HG – feels his fingers )

D. – Ok..
P. – And pretty polished

D. – Ok..hmm..
P. – Single chota piece

D. – Ok..so what would be the texture if you just feel it ?
P. – It would be a..(HG- Same ) comparatively to i don’t know ..what will be the texture of that

D. – You were comparing it to what , Just whatever comes you should say it ..you see something in front of you ..
P. – Ya..i am looking at..i am looking at wheat and it’s a smooth kind of a wooden..wooden kind of a texture but more lighter and thinner than wood ..wood..

Explanation –

● By now completing two parts of FFDA – ( FOOD & FEAR ) – we have hairy and animal(mammal) that has repeated through slips, denials, corrections and absurdities ( which confirms that it has come from the unconscious line )

Summary –

By the end of FFDA,
With “Fur” and “Horn”, coming through denials and corrections , we confirm the mammal-
Musk and grainy came from the Unconscious

Now we let these pieces of jigsaw come together .

Musk in mammals comes from musk deer and civets.
As we then read about these, in different sites on the internet,
we see in the musk deer:-

“The musk pod is normally obtained by killing the male deer through traps laid in the wild. Upon drying, the reddish-brown paste inside the musk pod turns into a black granular material called “musk grain”

Therefore we see that the grainy, which is part of the words of the state, are in the source from the musk deer(musk grain) and not in civet.

Hence the remedy for the case is MOSCHUS 50M


Reference Link :

Follow Up-
This patient was given Moschus 50m; which was repeated on an average once a month, as indicated.

His allergies settled.
His energy returned to his previous state.
He took the decision and began working in his family company, while playing football at night , thrice a week.

In the follow up after a few months his overall confidence was visible in his body language and his clarity in speaking. While in the first case taking he would hesitate, seem confused, change what he would say often; after a few months the follow ups were clear, confident and he said what he meant.


Master’s Program