Case of Rhus Tox


Case 1-

A female of age 63yrs- Obese- came with many complaints- Brain tumor, operated twice, Bilateral Facetal Joint Arthroapthy- L4-L5, Spondlyolisthesis, which was again operated. Also she had CHD and varicose veins. So, this was a case which came up with Multiple Pathologies and Symptoms. She would complain of burning pain in thighs, cramps in the calves, pain in shoulders and all this had started after lifting a heavy suitcase. She was scared of snakes and water because someone had told her, that her horoscope shows danger to her from both these two things. Also, she had dreams of snakes. Very closely attached to her Mother, MIL, her Children. So much so that, when her MIL passed away she developed pain in shoulders and fever with bitter taste.



Remedy prescribed- Rhus Tox

Learning from the Case-


Finding a HANDLE in the maze of Symptoms and then evaluating the entire symptomatology.

Compiled by Dr. Nikisha Harwani and Dr. Bhavika Lulla, Students of Master’s Program in Advanced Homoeopathy, Batch of July 2017


Master’s Program