Dr. Shekhar Algundgi MD(Hom)

Edited by- Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala

A 33 year old female consulted Dr. Shekhar Algundgi for Migraine at ‘the other song’ International Clinic of Advanced Homeopathy on 28th June 2016. Her complaints started since 1 year. It started with vomiting followed by vertigo cumulating into headache. It was better after sleep. Her headache increases and decreases on its own on a daily basis. She has difficulty in breathing with suffocation during the attack. She also has palpitations and anxiety accompanying the headache. Her pain revolves around forehead and temples. It is severe like electric current, hammering in nature. She also experiences heaviness above her brows and is better by pressing her head against the pillow. She was worse by the sound of music and TV. She wished to lie alone in the dark in a closed room. She loses her appetite with pain and it returns once the headache ceases. She was not better by diverting her attention. She was better as long as the effect of pain killers last and as soon as the effect is lost the headache returns. She had gained about 12 kgs post medication. She narrated an incident about her pilgrim visit to Jagannath Puri wherein she bathed in sea in a sunny weather which resulted into lot of vomiting after which she was lying almost unconscious.  She also had tendency to recurrent cold and cough until year before. Her headaches were triggered by cold things.

She had lot of pent up anger within. Earlier she would express anger but after marriage she does not. She feels her in-laws will not be able to handle her anger. She wants to separate from her in-laws and live independently with her husband. She was not willing to adjust and wanted to have her way. She desired freedom. Here, the home was overcrowded with too many people in there. She got upset when things not done according to her wish.

She described herself as an angry person. A dominating person by nature who often scolded and suppressed her siblings.  She was the president in school. She had two sisters; one younger and one older, hence she commanded everything in the house. She lived a free life. Originally coming from a liberal family, she got married in a completely contrast family with conservative thoughts and ritual. She was expected to cover her face before elders (taking ghunghat). They were backward in their thoughts. There were many restrictions. It was a suffocating experience  for her. She felt suppressed. At her parents place, she was allowed to be herself but here she was expected to behave the way they wanted. She had a difficult time adjusting to their demands. They would not accept the way she was. She had lot of anger and irritability towards them. She wanted to run away and get out of there. She had two ways before her to accept and become backward or retaliate but she chose the former.

The qualities for which she would be encouraged at school (for example loud voice), for those same qualities she’d be condemned in her in-laws. For example she’d be shamed for talking loudly with sister-in-law. She felt restricted and suffocated. Earlier she never listened to anyone. She would get angry if someone ordered me. In anger, she wished to either  hit or kill them or committing suicide. She felt she was being treated like a servant. She would be forced to do things that she didn’t want to. She had to kill her desires. She was not allowed to go out, nor talk aloud. Voicing her opinion was freedom for her. Freedom for her was doing what she wanted to. She had hatred towards them and wanted to strike back at them. On one hand was her free life and the other hand she had to take orders. She felt pity and helpless. She felt, ‘ From a position of a minister, I landed to a gatekeeper’. She felt she had to keep saluting everyone. She continued fighting for 6 years of marriage.

Earlier she was bold but now had become malicious and vindictive. She would take revenge for everything told to her. If someone insulted her by calling her fat, she wouldn’t spare him and make sure he ended in tears. If someone attacked her once, she’d give back in four folds.

In a prior incident where a boy called her fat, she hit him with a stone for which he had to be hospitalized. She could strike and take down boys larger to her size. She always wanted to be ahead of everyone. She was determined and adamant on decisions once made. She gave tit for tat in all situations. But her marriage turned the tables around. Things went completely opposite of her nature.

When asked about most stressful situations, she spoke about her younger sister’s divorce. It played a havoc on her. She went into depression. She was very attached to her and could not see her sister suffering. She was constantly worried what will happen to her and who will look after her. She had looked after her like a mother. Given her care, love and affection just like a mother. Her sisters divorce came as a biggest shock of her life. She felt like her life had come to an end. Everything was standstill. It was the greatest grief she had experienced. She was a cheerful, talkative person. But thereafter her body had almost given up. Her hands and legs had turned numb, like there was nothing left to her life. She had drowned herself in grief. She felt like her soul had separated from her body. There was tingling and numbness in the body as though she was drowning in deep waters. She had back ache. The experience was someone had put 10kgs of weight on her head. There was pain and weakness in the body.

Two years ago, her husband lost his job. Thereafter he started drinking. She had a similar experience like before. She felt like her soul was broken. It was as though you’ve bestowed trust upon someone and that was broken. She experienced pain in her entire body. She didn’t have a way to overcome the pain. She felt useless with no meaning to her life. She felt like dying as if the soul was asking to leave the body. It was numb, just lying in one place. There was tremendous pain as if current was being passed through. Pain like needles being pricked inside; excruciating pain; pain not allowing her to get up; gnawing pain.

She had dreams of snakes trying to bite her. There were snakes all around, coming out of toilet etc. She was running with the fear of being bitten. Her hands and legs were numb. She was trembling with palpitations. It was as though a current was passing through her body.

Recently one of her friends who was divorced was remarrying. She felt very happy for her. She was in good spirits, felt enthusiastic in her body like ecstasy or current passing through. She loved spicy food, chilies. She cannot tolerate hunger. Overeating caused abdominal discomfort. She was better after passing flatus. Her menses were regular. She had pain in abdomen before and during menses.

She had no fears even as a child. On television, she was sensitive to watching news about someone murdering someone, killings; especially of innocent people. She was extremely sensitive to bomb blasts. She hated bloodshed, dead bodies, bodies being slashed. It produces anger in her. Her head starts aching; she feels anxious. She’d keep dwelling on the same issues. It would give rise to uneasiness and suffocation especially stories of murder and violence.

In the past, she had history of urine infection, typhoid, malaria, renal calculi and piles.


In this case, we see two sides to the patient; on one hand of a bold and dominant person and the other of a submissive and suppressed person. These two aspects of the patient portray strong opposite polarities in her. This feature depicting opposite Polarities in the case gives us a hint of the Plant kingdom. We don’t see a theme of lacking or losing like that in Minerals or competition or fight of survival like that in Animal kingdom.

The other underlying aspect is her case is ‘sensitivity towards pain’. Every stressful situation in her life gives rise to severe pain characterized as hammering, like electric current, numbing as though separating the body from the soul. This Sensation is seen in 3 different areas of her life as elicited below:

We can conclude that the center of the patient revolves around ‘Intense pain & Suffering’. Her experience of tremendous pain, shock, soul being broken, soul leaving the body, near death experience, numbing, hands and legs turning numb, body separating from soul, needles pricking, current passing through her body resonates with the Sensation of PAPAVERACEAE family. This sensitivity is not only seen in different stressful situations of life but also while watching movies which are to do with Murder, Violence, Slashing people, bomb blasts, dead bodies etc.

Following are some key words that can lead us to the Sensation of Papaveraceae family

1] Intense pain, intense suffering, agony, hell, misery, fright, shock, intense fear, punish, war, murder, execute, violence, anguish, cruelty, nightmare terror, torment, torture, aggression, hostility, assassinate, battle, bloodshed, brutality, carnage, combat, fighting, confrontation, hostilities, kill, killing, massacre, homicide, put to death, slaughter, sadism, slay, slaying, stun, take a back, jolt.

When we look at the case from the symptom point of view and simply repertorize the following Rubrics, we get:

respiration; DIFFICULT; headache, with (39)

generalities; TALKING; agg. (370)

head; PAIN, headache; noise agg. (158)

head; PAIN, headache; electric current, like (17)

generalities; PAIN; stitching (905)

sleep; SLEEPINESS; headache; during (118)

mind; ANGER; violent (176)

mind; MALICIOUS, vindictive (159)

mind; BROODING (177)

mind; SHOCK, ailments from (68)

mind; DELUSIONS, imaginations; snakes; in and around her (19)

With the Symptom and System coming together, we can be doubly sure of the remedy being given. She received Opium 1M twice daily for two days.

Interestingly Opium belongs to Cancer Miasm in the Papaveraceae family (Theory of miasms as given by Dr. Rajan Sankaran). The issue seen in Cancer miasm is that of intense control; control over oneself and others. In this patient we see a strong quality of leadership, boldness and controlling others. She does not want to be in control of others. She wants to have her way. We also see a theme of Maliciousness & Vindictive which is also a part her controlling nature.

Follow up 04/10/2016

She was better than before

She had 3-4 episodes of head heaviness which got better with sos (Opium 1M) medicines.

There was no episode of severe headache

Loss of sleep aggravated her headaches.


Having urine infection.

Pus cells present.

Feverish feeling since today

She also had constipation.

Sleep was good

Dreams: nil

Stressful situations: only stressed about children

Rx- Opium 1M 1 dose.

Follow up 13/04/2017

Headache was 95% better. Had mild pain 1-2 times throughout.

No episode of cold & cough

Urine infection completely recovered

Occasional bachache- worse bending, exerting and aggravated in the morning.

Her mind and mood was much better. There was no irritability. Things were under control.

Rx- SL

Dr. Shekhar Algundgi BHMS, MD (Hom)

Dr. Shekhar Algundgi has been practicing Homoeopathy since 1992 in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai. He graduated from Venutai Yeshwantrao Homoeopathic Medical College and Post graduated from Panchasheel Homoeopathic Medical College. He had an opportunity to do Fellowship Homoeopathy from the Pioneer University London, U.K., under the guidance of Luc De Sheppher, and has been conferred upon Honorary Membership from the Faculty Homoeopathy Malaysia for his presentation on ‘Soul the Universal Energy’. Calm, composed, and patient as ever have been the key features for Dr. Algundgi. This experience has been euphoric for not only him, but also for his colleagues all over the world. Practicing for over 2 decades he has experienced the trance of getting into the Sensation of patient, the other world, much beyond the conscious mind & yet being very scientific. He has got both, art & science as his ground on which he stands as a refined individual. These experiences of his, when shared through his mind-blowing oratory skills, has taken a quantum leap in homoeopathic world.


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