Case of chronic cholelithiasis with right ovarian cyst treated with Conchilinum

Case of chronic cholelithiasis with right ovarian cyst treated with Conchilinum

Dr. S. Parkavi (BHMS)

Co-author- Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala, Editor, ‘the other song’

Case of a 35 yr old female,  diagnosed with Cholelithiasis and ovarian cyst consulted on 24th April 2013.

*(This case is edited for brevity and better comprehension and explained in a pointer format.)

Chief complaint:

  • Patient went for regular full body check up and came to know about the gall stone & ovarian cyst through scan
  • No pain
  • No other symptoms regarding Gall stone.


  • Appetite: good
  • Sleep position: Left side
  • Stool/urine: normal
  • Occasionally gets eructation that smell like that of an egg
  • Perspiration mainly on neck and back
  • Menses: 28/2 days cycle
  • Craving for fish and sour foods

Effect of the complaint on patient:

  • I was completely shocked when Dr told me about gall stones.
  • It was shattering for me- I felt broken into pieces.
  • Felt numbness all over the body- as if body is paralyzed- I was not able to move from there.


  • She spontaneously said I’m a soft person– not much talkative- very reserved type.


  • While asking about fears she spontaneously said “I’m very dependent on my husband”
  • “He is very protective for me”.
  • Fear: of losing financial position- what if any theft happens in our shop we may lose money- what we have built so far will be shattered.
  • As we are in good status others are jealous of us which may also affect us. We see great fear of losing money.
  • I am also scared of my mother in law- she always scolds me even for small things- so I have to be careful in doing things.
  • There will be no space for me– I have to shrink myself.
  • I can’t be myself- she is torturing me always.


  • Mostly towards her husband and MIL but doesn’t show it to them. She keeps all her anger inside herself.
  • “I feel they are dominating me, they are controlling me.”
  • I become speech-less when my husband/MIL shouts at me.
  • I scold them in my mind but on the outside, I maintain my silence.
  • My father too had controlled me a lot during my childhood, so I thought marriage would be an escape for me – but now my husband is controlling me…”
  • How does it feel when they control you?
  • “I go inside myself…(HG)”
  • What you mean by go inside myself?
  • I enter into my own world – where no one can hurt me anymore – a safe place.(HG)
  • I will be very safe there – no one can penetrate it – it is like a protective layer around me.(HG)
  • “I’m very soft – therefore others can easily affect me.
  • Hence I prefer to be inside, in a protective layer.
  • When my husband reprimands me, I feel shattered. I almost become paralyzed,  so I go inside myself where I feel safe.
  • On the Outside I feel danger…”
  • “I feel completely safe & protected on the inside but on the outside it feels like I’m vulnerable…[HG]”


  • Dreams of entering a cosmetic shop – full of white lights – bright lights- can see only white everywhere.
  • White: it looks like small balls everywhere – shining – like pearls.
  • And  dreams of dead persons.

Stressful situation:

  • Health check up: Hearing about my diagnosis.
  • When they told that surgery was the only option, I was totally shattered.
  • It was a shock for me. I felt numb.
  • I was not able to move – felt very vulnerable and unsafe.


  1. kingdom:
    • Others are Jealous at our growth.
    • Being Dominated and controlled by Mother-in-law and husband.
    • Someone is doing something to me.


  1. Subkingdom:
  • Shocked
  • Shattered
  • Paralyzed
  • Protective layer
  • Shrink
  • My world
  • I go inside myself
  • Inside – Outside
  • Safe
  • Unsafe
  • Vulnerable


Class:  Bivalvia.

  • Shattered
  • Paralyzed
  • Protective layer around me
  • Hand gesture- of showing two hands as if closed and splitting.



[direct connection with the source in her dreams]

Potency: 200. (As that was the only potency available with me at that time)

Dosage: ONE DOSE

Follow Up Dated 17/05/13:

She was better on the whole.

Her appetite had increased and eructations reduced.

Follow up dated 14/11/14-

She was much better.

Mentally she felt calmer. She was able to converse with everyone like the way she did earlier.

Whenever she had arguments with her husband she was able to defend herself.

She was no longer getting withdrawn into herself and shutting herself from the outside. She was able to express herself well in any given situations.

She no longer felt tortured by mother-in-law or husband.

Before treatment:

After treatment:



Dr.S.Parkavi, BHMS, graduated from, Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Thirumangalam in 2012. She did basic, advance and the masters course at the other song International Academy. She works as a consulting Homoeopathic Practioner at Dr. Amalraj’s SYNERGIC HOMOEOCARE, Madurai since 2013. She has also worked with Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad in his books “Materia medica of nosodes and sarcodes” and “Homeopathy in thyroid disorders”.


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