A case of allergic cough treated with Capsicum

A case of allergic cough treated with Capsicum

Dr. Amruta Hede (BHMS)

A 55-year-old female consulted Dr. Hede for recurrent cough on the 29th September 2017. Her complaint started 3 years ago and she was advised inhalers for the same. Her X-ray reports state normal. Her cough is accompanied with bursting pain in the throat. She involuntarily urinates while coughing. The character of her cough is sudden and loud, paroxysmal for about 1-2 minutes. She is better after expectorating. Her cough is generally worse at night during sleep, change in weather from warm to cold and vice-versa, on exposure to air conditioning.

Along with the cough, she also complaints of back ache since 1 year. The pain is pin point in nature in the spine. Her pain gets worse on bending and lying on hard surface. In the past she has suffered Tuberculosis about 30 year ago and taken treatment for the same. She has also suffered from typhoid, conjunctivitis, scabies and worms.

When asked about her nature, she said she gets angry on her family. In anger, she strikes herself, screams. She’s had troubles with her husband. He was an alcoholic and physically abusive to which she would retaliate. She was alone with no support from her family. She would cry and express her emotions. She was a caring person and enjoyed company of her family. She would tremble in fear.

She did not get along with her sister-in –law and daughter-in-law. She feels her daughter-in –law tells lies. She hides dry fruits away from her. She strongly dislikes her and her presence or absence does not make her difference to her.

When asked about her dreams, she dreamt of family gatherings, her father who has passed away. In her childhood, she had frightful dreams. She was afraid of her father. After marriage, her mother-in-law she did not treat her well, she was not given food regularly. She was partial towards her. These aspects triggered suicidal thoughts in her mind. She felt she was not given her due rights as a member of the family. There was no respect. She was dependent on everyone.

She described an incident wherein her husband was hospitalized, and she received no help from her family members. She felt sad and helpless.

She liked eating ice-cream, fried food but was averse to fruits. Lentils like dal would cause loose motions. She perspired mainly on her face; dribbling down in warm weather and on her legs, offensive in character. She was tolerant to cold and did not like warm or hot climate.

When asked about her fears, she said she was afraid of water (sea), ghosts, darkness, lizards, snakes. She runs out of her room at the sight of one. She feels dizzy on wheels or roller coasters. She holds herself tight and screams. She’s sensitive to the sight of blood.

Analysis of the case:

In this case, we have peculiar modalities of the cough. Let us list the totality of her cough.

  1. loud/ explosive
  2. violent
  3. paroxysmal
  4. bursting
  5. expectoration amel
  6. urination involuntary
  7. sudden

(Mac repertory Software- Zandvoort – Complete Repertory Edition 2016)

On repertorising the totality of cough, we get Capsicum, Phosphorous, Sulphur and Zincum. Interestingly, what is most peculiar about the cough is its suddenness and loudness as though it is a bursting in the throat. This is typical of ‘Capsicum’.

When we look at the patient’s nature on the whole. She is a fearful kind of a person. She’s had fears ever since she was a child. At present too, she is extremely scared of darkness, ghost, lizards, snakes. This gives us strong indication for ‘Solanaceae’ family, where we see sudden unexpected fear, fright or violence as the central theme of the family.



She received Capsicum 1M 1 dose followed by SL.

Follow up Summary:

She showed improvement within a single dose of the remedy. She had to be repeated with Capsicum 1M only 1-2 times in a span of 6 months.

Her tendency to recurrent cough came down drastically. She was able to cope up better with the mind symptoms. Her back pain gradually reduced though she had intermittent back pain.

Her situation with daughter-in-law also improved over a period of time.


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