The academy puts good health and well-being as the core of an academic culture, which is dedicated to patient care, extensive training, in-depth education and advanced clinical research. At the academy, students and practitioners are trained in advanced homoeopathic approaches, using new teaching methodologies and state of the art technology. This aids in creating the finest teachers and doctors of homoeopathy. World-renowned senior doctors and homoeopathic consultants from around the globe, along with the pioneer of the Sensation Method, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, work together to make the academy a hub for homoeopathic, holistic and integral healing. The academy is inclusive of all practices and approaches in homoeopathic medicine, and is open minded, not exclusive.

The academy is headed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and is supported by Homoeopathic Research Charities and the World Institute of Sensation Homoeopathy (WISH).



Holistic health solutions supporting the overall well-being of patients who opt for homeopathy as the first line of treatmentteaching


  • Quality education offered to both students and practitioners of homeopathy, under the expertise and tutelage of senior homeopaths.
  • Enables participants to monitor every aspect of homeopathic practice, starting from diagnosis to follow-up.
  • Advanced clinical research and documentation.


Elevating the art of healing to a level of excellence with quality training and continuing education for homeopaths around the world.


 Our objectives at the academy are to:

  1. Facilitate the building of good quality homoeopaths through a facility supported by highly experienced senior doctors
  2. Demonstrate the art of integrating classical approaches in homoeopathy with the newer approaches, such as the Sensation Method and Synergy
  3. Demonstrate the art of case taking and understanding the core disturbance within every patient
  4. Enhance one’s skills in penetrating into every case and appreciate the disease that needs to be treated
  5. Exposure to the latest advancements in homoeopathic practice
  6. Inculcate the belief into every homoeopath that homoeopathy works on easily comprehensible principles

Salient Features

the other song aids towards preparing the best of future homoeopaths through a facility supported by highly experienced senior doctors.

Inculcates the integration of classical Homeopathic approaches with the newer approaches, such as the combination of Sensation Method with the Synergy method.

Better understanding of patient history and identifying the core disturbance within every patient while diagnosing the disease of immediate treatment.

Exposure to the latest advancements in the practice of homeopathy.

Building the belief in future homeopaths of the fact that Homeopathy works on simple and comprehensible principles.

Master’s Program