12 Day Programme

“The 12 Days of Mastery:

Mastering Homeopathy with the Masters”

12-day advanced course at The Other Song

  • Batch 1: 9th March 2020 to 21st March 2020
  • Batch 2: 16th November to 28th November 2020

-live case sessions and lectures by Senior teachers like,
Dr Rajan Sankaran,
Dr Jayesh Shah,
Dr Sujit Chatterjee,
Dr Paresh Vasani,
Dr Mahesh Gandhi,
Dr Dinesh Chauhan

in house consultants of the other song academy.

– 3 tier in-depth training (Beginners, Practitioners and Advanced learning )

Teaching method
– Video lecture
– Webinar
– Live case streaming
– In person
– Customize course at the other song academy

Broad out lay of course

– Basic laws and principles in homeopathy

Materia medica:
– Video Case based learning of Materia medica of well known polycrest remedies

– Video Lectures on repertory series for basic and advanced learning

Sensation method
– Level of experience
– Kingdom classification
– Miasm
– Plant families
– Minerals and periodic table
– Animal subclass and families

Advance methods in Homoeopathy
– Synergy approach
– Meditative approach
– Pathological cases
– Dr Mahesh Gandhi’s evolution charts

Course fees:

US$ 700

Master’s Program