The phylum mollusks includesea invertebrates like clams, oysters, mussels, octopus etc. Mollusk is derived from Latin word ‘mollis’ which means soft. They have a soft body protected by an external skeleton (shell). This soft body makes them vulnerable to the outside and in order to protect themselves they develop specialized feature where the mantle (modified epidermis) secretes calcareous spicules, forming ahard-outercovering in the form of a shell mainly for protection. Mollusks are both terrestrial and can be found in sea too. They are broadly classified into Gastropods, Cephalopods and Bivalves. Homeopathic remedies prepared from Mollusks used in practice areCuttle fish, Murex, Bivalve, Venus mercenaria, Conchiolinum, Calcarea Carbonica etc.

Homeopathic Point of view

Mollusks has an interesting understanding from the ‘Sensation’ point of view. Patient requiring remedy from the mollusk group of remedies are commonly known to talk about ‘Inner and Outer world.’ They usually portray themselves as closed and disconnected from the outside. They are scared of being vulnerable and exposed to the outside. They manifest with a lot of fear within of the outside. They tend to use words such as caged, shut, closed, covered, hidden in order to describe themselves. They feel a strong need to be sheltered and protected and are scared of being exposed. Both states can be revealed when carefully probed into different areas of sensitivity like fears, dreams, interests. Besides you will also find other animal qualities such as competition, survival, sexuality etc.


Spiders in nature are solitary. One unique characteristic limiting to spiders is forming of web using their secretions. Spiders are constantly busy all day making a web. They have special affinity to music. There are many videos demonstrating response of spiders to specific music.

Homeopathic Point of View:

The main characteristic of spiders is ‘Restlessness’ and ‘attractiveness’. Patients needing spider remedy present with high energy levels; hyperactivity constantly on the move; very frequently indicated in conditions like ADHD (Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder). They show love for singing and dancing or special affinity for music in general. Some of them show extreme sensitivity to music or sound as seen in remedies likeTheridion. Other qualities seen are jealousy, cunningness, increased sexuality, threatening, playing tricks, sudden attacks, sudden violence, rage, impulsive behavior.


Insects are hexapod invertebrates from the arthropod family. Nearly all of them hatch from eggs. The undergo series of molting and metamorphosis in order to mature into an adult. Some of them are water striders capable of walking on water. Most insects are solitary but some like bees, termites and ants live in colonies. Insects have a very short life span. Human regard them as pests as they are mainly infesting in homes and on their food. Moreover, they are carriers for many diseases such as malaria, dengue, allergens such as pollens etc.

Homeopathic point of view:

Several homeopathic remedies are prepared from insects commonly used in practice Apis, Blatta orientalis/americana, Cantharis, Formica rufa, Bombyx. Patients from the ‘Sensation’ point of view show characteristics such as sensitivity to sudden attack or sudden violence. They may use words such as crushed, minced, pounded, smashed. They may be afraid of death by suffocation. Other traits are immense restlessness, constantly occupied, agility, speed followed by quick exhaustion. You see sensitivity to stings, bites, sucking,


Birds, also known as aves are endothermic vertebrate’s characteristic with feathers, beaks, laying eggs and a strong but light exo-skeleton. Therefore, possessing light bones and feathers gives them the ability to fly. Birds can be classified as predators, preys and scavengers. Birds such as eagles, falcons, owls, vultures, hawks are strong and efficient predators. They are equipped with sharp beak, powerful eyesight and great speed; fastest being the Peregrine falcon that can dive at a speed of 320km/hour in order to catch its prey. On the other end there are prey birds like sparrows, love birds, hummingbirds possessing attractive colors. Some of them possess ability to sing and make melodious sounds.

Homeopathic point of View

Birds have a different presentation depending on whether they are predators or prey from the ‘Sensation’ point of view. Nevertheless, both present with animal qualities such as competitiveness, survival instincts, maternal instincts. Patients needing group of bird remedies often use words such as caged, trapped, caught, held, enclosed, restricted with a desire to break free, fly high, up in the air, wind, floating, gliding, speed etc. At the ‘Sensation level’, the Predators birds may talk of sudden unexpected attack, soaring high, keen vision, speed, diving down which may be a good indication of the remedy. Others may even talk about singing, humming, connection to different sounds of music, love of greenery or flowers, attractive colors. Bird remedies have been less commonly prescribed in practice however many stalwarts in Homeopathic fraternity have interesting cases of Falcon, eagle, sparrow, hummingbird, parrot, macaw etc.


As we all know, Snakes belong to family of Reptilia in the Animal kingdom. They are generally classifies in venomous and constrictors on their ability to attack their prey. Being limbless snakes have to be extremely careful with their survival mechanism as they can be easily run over or stamped over by large animals. Hence, the survival mechanism for snakes is by hiding. They usually take shelter in borrows, rocks, branches of trees, or camouflage with stack of dried leaves which makes it easier for them to hide from predators and also disguise themselves to attack an approaching prey. Snakes generally attack when they are threatened or when hungry.

Let us understand the type of attack. The attack is generally planned and sudden. Snakes generally never miss their kill. Before the prey can even realize it has already fallen a trap, where they is no escape. The toxin delivered is extremely poisonous almost paralyzing the prey leading to death in no time.

Homeopathic point of view

The common homeopathic remedy in snakes we know off is Lachesis, Naja and Vipera. Snakes remedies are of great therapeutic value in homeopathic materiamedica and have known to cure several hematological and neurological conditions.

Generally seen patients requiring snake remedies are highly competitive, malicious, vindictive, hard hearted and work with lot of planning and plotting. You can take examples of politicians and underworld mafias who work with a lot of conspiring against each other and are brutal in their executions.

They also show great sensitivity around the region of neck. Many of them could complaint of discomfort with neck ties or high collared clothing. This characteristic could be explained as generally snakes are caught with their neck.

Patients requiring snake may also connect to snakes in the form of sensitivity to visuals or dreams of snakes, fear of snakes or history of some kind of encounter with them.


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