The Journey Within…

The Journey Within…

A healing workshop for the Master’s program students – ‘the other song’

– Alifiya Dedanwala, Editor ‘the other song’

– Edited and compiled by Dr.Swayema Sheikh.

This individualizing examination of a case of disease, for which I shall only give in this place general directions, of which the practitioner will bear in mind only what is applicable for each individual case, demands of the physician nothing but freedom from prejudice and sound senses, attention in observing and fidelity in tracing the picture of the disease.

Such words are artistically used in the 83rd aphorism of the Organon, and to reiterate, demands of the physician nothing but freedom from prejudice and sound senses, attention in observing and fidelity in tracing the picture of the it even possible to do? To create this space within us, which enables us to perceive the characteristic expressions in a case, to be able to hear the PQRS weaved in patient’s language, and explore it further and unravel the case. And yes, it is; or else our science wouldn’t have survived and progressed, despite all odds. And there are infinite ways by which as a homeopath can reach our destination.

I often ask myself..How often do we sit back and listen to ourselves? Have we thought of the number of emotions we experience in our daily lives and to each emotion our body responds or reacts differently? Why it is important to pay attention to these emotions? It is because a lot of our suffering is an outcome of overwhelming and uncontrollable emotional outbursts. These outbursts come from a deeper hidden perception from our inner self . These perceptions are a reflection of the subconscious mind. Though it is not visible to us but it plays a vital role to in our real life experiences. The subconscious mind often reflects itself in the form of fears, dreams, vivid imaginations and perceptions. These expressions form a part of us and continue to grow and inhibit our free spirit and obstruct our clear thinking. Our subconscious mind could be a victim to any incidences of the past that may be lingering with our present thereby deterring our future. It could be in the form of grief, child abuse, emotional trauma, hidden insecurities etc.

What has Homeopathy to do with this? We know homeopathy is Science and Art. The process of homeopathic case taking facilitates the patients to unveil their innermost and deepest experiences in order to release their suppressed and compensated state of mind. However, practically it is not so easy to do. Here comes the role of ‘Art’ in Homeopathy. It is an absolute work of art of facilitate patients through different levels of experience during case taking. Taking each level higher the physician needs to be careful, alert and meticulous in guiding the patient effectively. This art is mastered by our Guru, Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Dr. Sankaran possesses the expertise in exploring different levels of experiences in the patient, hereby guiding them to unveil their deepest and innermost ‘Sensation’. At the ‘Sensation’ level, in most cases the patients energy or patients themselves make connection with the source (homeopathic remedies) which makes him confident of the remedy. This process involves complex techniques and skills. Being an ardent and renowned  teacher, he felt it was essential to pass this skill to his students and followers. In order to make this process logical and analytical, he devised several techniques which could make this more reliable, comprehensive and reproducible.

Headed by Dr. Sankaran, ‘the other song’ International Clinic and Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, is a training center where students aspiring to Master the art and science of latest techniques and methodologies in Homeopathy come not only from all over India but around the globe. ‘the other song’ receives thousands of students each year for different courses based on student requirements. One of the popular courses is the Masters course which is a 6 months rigorous fulltime course where students not only receive lectures, but are exposed to practical live case based training, supervisory case taking, clinical postings in and outside the academy at Satellite centers.

The practice of Homeopathy demands from the physician to constantly evolve in his life , to have a sound mind, clarity of thoughts and achieve a sense of peace and harmony in himself. It is only if he is free and liberated from his subconscious, fears and inhibitions and aware of his state, will he be able to identify and elicit the state of the patient. Dr. Sankaran, Dr. Meghna Shah (Dean) and thier team found it important for the students to undergo the process of self-awareness and enlightenment, which could give a boost to their learning.  With this thought in their minds a 3 day program was designed for the students of Masters course at Lonavala. Situated at the bank of Pawna lake, amidst the sanctity of nature was one of the best locations to let out ones subconscious fears and inhibitions, hidden emotions and compensated state of mind. It  included a set of processes where the deepest sensitivities were tapped using different process like  doodling, painting, pictures, touch, walk in nature and meditation to rediscover one’s inner self. The 3 day program was a recreational, enriching and an awakening experience for the students. A team of enthusiastic doctors Dr. Meghna Shah, Dr. Rishi Vyas, Dr. Swayema Sheikh, Dr. Shahrukh Shaikh and Dr. Sarah Coutinho who voluntarily participated in conducting and facilitating the program.

One of the distinguishing features of the program was ‘Supervisory Case Taking’. Here students were encouraged to role play doctor and patient, wherein their case taking abilities were examined and guided by the senior practitioners. This activity enabled students to identify their common errors, become more alert, sharpen their skills and augment their confidence in Homeopathic case taking.

Students shared about their experiences very interestingly. For example, Dr. Neha said, ‘I feel some purity within me. Now I feel much calmer and relaxed. A very big change I can see within me is that now I m not worried about family and I feel very good here. Intensity of missing family has reduced. Doctors are really very friendly I like their way of treating us, As like they are not our teachers they are also our good friends.’ As She was living away from home, she was constantly worried and insecure about her family. But while going through different process like meditation, doodling, painting and case taking. She could feel an immense change in her. Similarly, Dr.Vaishali shared her experience by saying ‘My biggest fear was letting go, it’s a bad experience and I have gone through lot of pain dealing with that, but after the processes I feel I can be myself and flow with the path of life. Also, I could recover all my interests and hobbies, now I feel like doing them again. I also learnt that once you are aware you have to constantly practice that awareness. She became more confident about dealing with her emotions in a better manner in future. She use to write poetries as a child but had discontinued writing as she grew up. She lost her creativity in this journey of life. But, interestingly at the end of the program she wrote a beautiful poetry. It goes like this……

As sun does to the flower,

Gives light and helps to grow

And clouds begin to shower,

And rivers are filled and flow

How wonderful! One helps another,

And then we thrive and glow.

–          Vaishali


Whereas Komal felt, It was lively experience. All processes were bringing the awareness of hidden state of mind in subconscious & after that I was experiencing a feeling of emptiness. The emotions I was carrying for so many years are released & I’m feeling more lively, more enthusiastic, more energetic & more free. The place is so full of nature, the air, the sound, the cold feeling, the frets smell & freshness also have the healing effect. Felt the deep connection with nature. Now feeling that confidence like I can do anything in life’.

Every student had something unique to say about their experiences. For each of them, this program meant differently however the collective experience was the same. All of them emerged confident, wiser and more aware of themselves. They returned rejuvenated and elated with wonderful enchanting memories for life.

This program was not only proved beneficial to the participants but also made a great difference to the faculty and staff. It created a sense of belonging for one another, togetherness,  encouraged idea of team spirit and bonding, love and affection on humanitarian grounds, a more stronger and healthier relationship between the faculty and students as well as amongst students. This type of Cohort based learning helps both the participants and facilitator emerge more confident, wiser and enlightened. Started 2 years ago, this program has now become one of our highlights and sought after event in the Master’s Course at ‘the other song’.

“the other song”  has initiated this journey of togetherness within and outside………!!!


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