Sub class 1- family Piperaceae; Remedy- OPIUM

Sub class 1- family Piperaceae; Remedy- OPIUM

Dr. Annette Sneevliet

A case of young girl with laryngitis

When we consider the Piperaceae which are classified in subclass 1 in the oral phase, then we see another world completely.

Patients in need of this group of plants have the sensitivity of an unborn, unformed, non-separated infant that needs immediate gratification. The oral gratification of a non-separated infant. When we look at the sensation of this plant family through the eyes of the evolutionary point, we also have a better understanding of this sensation.


The remedies that belong to this group are the peppers, mustard.

They are constantly looking for stimulation of their senses. Everything you can experience with your five senses.

They want to be stimulated, they want immediate gratification of their senses. They want some action, want to experience everything. The experience of an unborn infant that wants to stimulate its senses. Here also we’ll see undifferentiated gestures. Imagine this as a baby making undirected gestures when expressing its joy.

You can imagine that these patients consult you with problems of addiction. When you talk with them, they also look very young and innocent, without a fully developed ego.

This sensation resembles the looking for excitement from the family of the Labiateae.

However, this family is found in subclass 6, the adults. Their excitement is about more adult issues, such as sexuality.

These patients have an especially well developed self-consciousness and ego.

When we continue in Erikson’s stages of development, we see the Ranunculaceae in the adolescence phase. All plants from this family will also tell you: I don’t have a skin, I absorb everything, I can’t separate myself. Every little thing affects me.

Because they have a slightly more mature ego and are unprotected at the same time, they can be affected by every little thing, be hurt by trifling matters. When you bring them to level 5, where gestures meet the sensation words, then you hear the following:OPIUM 2

That is, the dynamics between feeling everything intensely and being easily hurt versus not feeling a thing. An enormous emotional tombola versus being very calm.

A two-dimensional language that, being in subclass 1, is again accompanied by vague, undifferentiated, yet many gestures.

When we proceed to the next stage of development, we reach the Papaveraceae in subclass 1.

This is the sensitivity stage of an unborn infant without skin that endures intense pain. The only possibility such a baby has to deal with the pain is to go to sleep, to disappear energetic. When we see the sensation of this plant family, being the moment in which the words mentioned below meet the gestures, we can fully understand it from the evolutionary point of the Papavers.


In practice we see a patient who has lived an intense experience and, as reaction to cope with the situation, doesn’t feel anything anymore and falls asleep like a baby.


I once did a consultation on a young, six year old girl who had high fever for days and laryngitis.

The syndrome had begun after the parents had told the child they were getting divorced. They argued a lot at home. That caused this syndrome to develop.

Typical during the consultation was that the girl felt no pain in her throat, while normally with an abscess in the throat intense pain must have been felt.

The second typical thing was that during the consultation she rested her head on the table and fell deeply asleep, all snoring.

A reaction that can be explained given the evolutionary point of this family.


The evolutionary point of this plant family helps us to place the sensation and symptoms in a deeper understanding.

The Papavers are at the bottom of subclass 1, they are slowly proceeding towards the end, death. Therefore, their world consists of hell, death, intensity. Look at how their only survival strategy in intense situations is to fall asleep, to leave energetically, like a baby.

So we see that all plants in this subclass have the same sensitivity base of no skin, no ego, no individual space, but they deal with it differently, have a different perception because of the different stages they belong to.




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