Personal Evolution Psychiatry Modules ( Series) 2020 – Dr Mahesh gandhi


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Dates :
16th & 17th Feb
27th & 28th April
17th & 18th Aug
12th & 13th Oct
14th & 15th Dec

‘Psychiatry series by Dr Mahesh Gandhi’ is an ongoing series since the past five years at the other song academy. The series has received excellent feedback from all participants and has witnessed an upward trend ever since. Dr Annette Sneevliet is a regular teacher in this series.

Dr Gandhi’s ‘Personal Evolution Model’ (PEM)approach has made homeopathic prescriptions very simple based on the information we receive from the patient. Other methods teach us how to arrive at a similimum. PEM does the same but also makes those prescriptions understandable. Homeopathy no more remains a blind procedure where we are never confident about our prescriptions. 

Very senior homeopathic practitioners from all over India also attend these modules. One can join these modules even as a novice and learn this approach without much difficulty.

This two day event with Dr. Annette Sneevliet is a part of the ongoing Psychiatry series, now PEM series by Dr Mahesh Gandhi at ‘the other song’, during which hewill support her talk, by sharing his experiences as well.

“Evolution, the link between all methods”

A 2-day module by Dr. Annette Sneevliet on 17th & 18th February 2019

Module Highlights: 

1.         Learn by understanding the map of various stages of evolution in a person’s life.

2.         Learn step by step case taking

3.         Talk on various kingdoms with illustrative cases

4.         Cured cases with the use of ‘Evolution’ in mineral, plant and animal cases.

5.         Video cases of several remedies of the different kingdoms, which give a good impression how to use ‘Evolution’ in practice.

6.         We will see how Materia Medica, Repertory, The Genius of the Remedy and Sensation method come together and can be explained out of the place the mineral plant or animal 

7.         This has made finding the right homeopathic remedy much more easy and solid.


About Dr. Annette Sneevliet

Dr. Annette Sneevliet, a senior homoeopath and a well-known teacher from Netherlands, graduated in 1986 as a doctor.

During her medical training she developed keen interest in homeopathy. She studied Homeopathy for three years in Belgium in the center of Alfons Geukens. In 1990 started her homeopathic practice. Annette has studied extensively under Massimo Mangialavori and later on adopted the Sensation Method by attending several seminars in India and other countries with Dr Rajan Sankaran and his colleagues.

Upcoming modules:

8th and 9th June module would be conducted by Dr Jayesh Shah during which he will speak on Ammonium salts

Important highlight for 2019 series: Dr Mahesh Gandhi will be speaking on Pediatric Psychiatry. Cases of autism, ADHD, conduct disorder, depression, anxiety etc would be discussed in great length.

The series would also be relayed from TOS to its satellite centres at Bangalore, Pune, Ludhiana, Dindigul.

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