Basic Programme


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Basic Program in Homoeopathy


Course Schedule :  8th June 2020 – 20th June 2020


Eligibility :  For 4th year students, Interns, MD students, Early practitioners


Certification : A certificate of participation will be issued to all participants who complete the course, with minimum 75% attendance. All students are expected to carry Allen’s Key Notes & Kent’s repertory.


Focus: To demonstrate to students and early practitioners that:

* Homoeopathy is effective and practicable

* It gives short – term & long – term results

* It offers holistic, enduring solutions

* Its concepts are easy to comprehend and reproduce

* Proper training makes way for expertise and assured success.

To emphasize the correct application of homoeopathic principles.

Providing exposure to the most experienced homoeopaths on single platform.


Course Fees : 

Rs. 2000/- for students, interns, MD students and candidates within one year after completion of internship, (18% GST will be added)

For practitioners over one year in practice : Rs. 5000/- (18% GST will be added)



For more details about the basic program, please contact:

Academy Landline : +91-22-42616605/631

Mobile : +91 9323621096 / +91 7722035131

Email :


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