Online Mentorship For Past Students

Led by renowned homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran, his team of highly qualified and experienced homoeopaths and supported by experts from other healing modalities, the other song strongly believes in our motto, “care beyond compare”. Launched on July 1, 2011, “the other song – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy”, has become a pioneering institute, offering the best possible homoeopathic treatment to patients while teaching the latest advancements in the field of Homeopathy to students and practitioners. The institute has become a melting pot of some of the best minds in Homeopathy, making valuable contributions to the cognitive enrichment of homeopaths around the world and redefining the patient’s sense of health and well-being. Apart from being a world-class center for Homeopathy, the other song is also a platform for in-depth study and research in the daily application of Homoeopathy in a wide spectrum of diseases, testing the skills and expertise of seasoned practitioners. We also use a variety of methodologies like yoga, meditation, diet, physiotherapy, and focused counseling, which facilitate the speedy recovery of every patient. the other song is a forum where homoeopaths converge to share experiences and thus widen the field of enquiry through research and advanced.

Master’s Program
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