A case of Rheumatoid Arthritis treated with Gelsemium

A case of Rheumatoid Arthritis treated with Gelsemium

Dr. Kirtan Doshi (BHMS,CCH,CSVD,MCAH(Mumbai)

Co-author- Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala, Editor, ‘the other song’

This is the case of 68 year old female diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 6 months. She was 1st consulted on 29th January 2019.

Her reports dated 15/11/2018 are as follows:

ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)- 59

CRP (C-Reactive Protein)-20.1

Anti CCP (Citrullinated potein antibody) -25.99 (attached clicked picture of  before and after the treatment in the last slide)

Her complaints started chills, rigor followed by pain in the wrists and knee joints 6 months ago. She had severe stiffness that was worse in the morning. She was better by motion and bathing with warm water. she was undergoing Allopathic treatment namely; NSAIDS, Methotrexate, later replaced by Cyclosporine (Nephrotoxic when NSAID and Methotrexate didn’t help). She also had weight loss on account of stress due to her condition. She lost about 5kg in a short span of interval.

Her appetite had decreased. Thermally she felt more chilly. In the past, she was operated wit Tubectomy around 15 years back. She didn’t have any previous complaints with her menstruation and attained menopause at 45. Her sleep was prevented from thoughts overcrowding her mind.

Her stress began when her daughter had marital problems and left her husband and came back to her place. Her son-in –law wanted a divorce. This had made her very anxious and nervous. She was constantly afraid of what the consequences will be for her daughter. She was worried about her daughters future and security. On occasions when emotions got overwhelming, she would start trembling and have gooseflesh.

Whenever she has an emotional outburst, she experiences trembling in her hands and limbs, almost shocked and numb and her urge for passing stool increases. She has to visit the closet about 15-20 times.

She also faces stress in her day-to-day household activities. The smallest matters make a large impact on her. She narrated another incidence wherein her husband suffered a major financial loss. He had made a big investment and that money went into losses with no returns. They were cheated upon by their own relative and this came to her as a he shock. She had become very nervous of the consequences; she had severe diarrhoea and trembling. She was in complete disbelief as to how could have they been cheated upon by one of their own.

She has dreams of God. She has also had dreams of death of people but cannot remember it vividly. While she sees horrifying dreams, she experiences trembling. Besides, she has the same experiences on hearing news of death of a relative or closed one. As soon as she hears bad news, she has to visit the closet. She is anxious about her condition as to what will happen to her. She weeps easily.

Analysis & Understanding of the case:-

In this case we see common symptoms of the disease at the physical or local level. Not much characteristics are expressed at the general level too. However we have significant number of mental characteristic symptoms that are peculiar and repetitive and have been confirmed in different areas of her life.

Patient is very sensitive, anxious and a nervous person by temperament. Interestingly in stressful situations patients exhibits characteristic reactions that affect her mind and body.

Confirmed in various areas such as difficult life situations, her dreams and her chief complaint, we see patient experiences nervousness which is expressed by trembling of her hands and legs along with an uncontrollable urge to pass stools. Patient is affected in the same manner when she hears some bad news such as someone’s death.

When we simply enlist her characteristic totality and repertorize is we get:

  • Anticipatiotaory anxiety
  • Bad news agg
  • News of death agg
  • Diarhhoea; emotional excitement agg
  • Mind; Trembling with

In the above chart, we can see Gelsemium strongly covering all her characteristic symptoms. Nervous diarrhoea, Anticipatory anxiety, ailments from bad news and trembling are hallmark symptoms of Gelsemium.

When we look at the case from the ‘SENSATION APPRAOCH’, we see marked Sensitivity and Reactivity in this case which is suggestive of the Plant Kingdom. Her reaction to stressful situations is that of shocked, numb just like the Sensation of  Loganaceae family.

We know Gelsemium has a strong Sycotic miasm. We know anticipation of problems and her chronic pathology, stiffness are suggestive of Sycotic miasm in her case. She is a chilly patient.

She is continuing on medcication till date. Earlier reports had  done on 15thnovemeber 2019. From Novemebr to January, her condition was worsening. She was not responding to allopathic treatement.


Since we started homeopathic medicines, she was suggested to stop all the allopathic medication including steroids.

She received Gelsemium 200 bd for 2 days and cosmos followed by for 15 days

Follow up After 15 days

She improved a lot-pain decreased upto 30% ,situation was same but now she remains happy-can cope up without much anxiety

Rx:  Gelsemium 200 bd for 2 days and followed by Gelsemium 0/6 bd for a month

Follow up after 1 month:

She improved in pain upto 60%. She did not have to take any painkillers in this month.

She is a happier person. She sleeps well. She had gained 2 kg weight.

Her anxiety level of disease is much much less. She can now enjoy and eat sour food without much hesitation which earlier worsened her complaint.

Rx: Gelsemium 200 bd for 2 days followed by Gelsemium 0/6 bd for 2 month and ask to do reports after this

Her tests reports were repeated 3 months of started homeopathic medicines

Follow up After 3 months:

She is completely fine about 98% better. Her episodes of pain are negligible.

All her generals such as sleep and appetite have improved.

There is no stress now.





Dr.Kirtan Doshi passed out BHMS in 2016 with 3rd rank from the Bhavnagar university Gujarat.

During the internship, he did basic course from ‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy. Later in July 2017, he also joined Masters course at ‘the other song’ and pursued online CCH(certificate course in child health and CSVD(certificate course in skin and veneral disease) from Pune.

Currently he is practicing Homeopathy at Barwala, near Bhavnagar(Gujarat) at taluka place to spread homeopathy and aware people about it, since last 1.5 year and practising all kinds of approach learnt from ‘the other song’ depending on the cases like classical,  sensation, reportorial and pathological.


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