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About Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is an internationally renowned teacher and practitioner, known for his pathbreaking concepts, especially his understanding of seven levels of experiences, classification of remedy states into kingdoms and his additions to the existing miasms. His latest approach to case -taking by integrating the old and new methods, understanding the case and remedy from three angles – is now being widely accepted and used with great success worldwide.

Sensation to Synergy & Beyond

No Science is Static; each science is dynamic and evolves through observation & Experimentation.

Master Dr. Rajan Sankaran with more than 35yrs of Homeopathic Practice, has been striving as a scientist to innovate and bring new, simplified  approaches to be accurate in practice with consistent results.

For the first time in Karnataka and many years after the  seminar in South India, an oppurtunity to witness Live, interact & learn from the Master as he takes us through spectrum of his journey from SENSATION to SYNERGY and the latest advancements in Analysis of case – the 8 box method, based on the concept –


It includes all the tools & levels developed so far in a synergistic way to achieve most consistent result in practice.

Highlights of the seminar:

This seminar will help to learn the insights From Master Dr. Sankaran’s rich experience, about his approach, which will be illustrated through Video cases and Step By Step explanation.

  • How to be sure & accurate in prescription to achieve consistent results in Practice.
  • Insights on Case taking & Analysis
  • Artistic application of Repertory in cases
  • When to use which approach according to Levels of Experience
  • Illustration of pathological cases

N. Tata Auditorium
IISC campus, CV Raman Road,
Kodandarampura, Malleshwaram (W),
Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560 012.


(Including GST, Lunch, Tea/Coffee)

Rs. 2200/-  (students)

Rs. 2500/-  (practitioners)

Rs. 3000/-  (spot registration)

To Register Contact:

Dr. Athishaya Mamatha – 9742397208

Dr. Aradhana Chitra – 9341251421

Dr. Charuvahan  (Tamil Nadu) – 9843872267

Dr. Ranga Rajan  (North Karnataka) – 9611947115

Dr. Soni Udasi  (TOS)  –   7722035131

Ms. Avni Nagori  (TOS)   –  8879789586

Dr. Alpesh Oza  (Synergy) – 9823126183

Dr. Shrikant Jumale  (Synergy) – 9930850033

Dr. Pratik Jain  (Synergy)   –  9869508345

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