Sunshine Summer


Soaring temperatures, sweltering heat, school vacations, all indicate the arrival of summer.  This is a time when each one of us looks forward to refreshing coolers. It is indeed important to keep yourself hydrated. One of the best ways is to make use of the summer fruits provided by nature.


Summer Fruit –Watermelon


Summers begin with this red juicy sweet cooling and exceptionally refreshing  fruit. Water melon is packed with water and nutrients. Watermelon is known to prevent dehydration and lower blood pressure levels. Water melon contains lycopene which is being linked to  cancer prevention . although many people opt for seedless watermelon, watermelon seeds are nutrient dense. They are lower calorie foods with important minerals such as magnesium, folates, iron and also consist of the good fat. Hence it is advised to eat the watermelon along with the seeds.



Opt for organic watermelons from organic markets, as adulteration is  a  common practise now. Look for a pale yellow patch on watermelon. This is generally at the spot where watermelon was lying on the ground. This hints watermelon ripened on the vine. Look for any injection or puncture marks on watermelon (as they add artificial colour and sweeteners).

Look forward to our summer fruit series.


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