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‘The other song’ launches a range of speciality clinics in the fields of Rheumatology, Diabetes and Behavioural Disorders in Children. These Speciality Clinics are an inter-disciplinary collaboration of healthcare professionals from the fields of Homoeopathy, Modern Medicine, Dietetics and Physiotherapy and other allied branches. Integrative treatment is fast proving itself to be better than any singular treatment modality. ‘the other song’ is committed to provide the best patient care and has created this platform for fulfilling its goal.

With Behavioural problems in children getting more and more common these days, treating it effectively has become the need of the hour. For the first time in the history of child health care a paediatrician, a homeopath and a psychologist will work together in an integrated manner to give complete and holistic treatment to the child.

Our goal is to help transform the child into a well balanced, creative individual owning an independent and respectable position in society with a healthy and happy living. The world today requires skills and abilities in almost all the fields. Therefore we believe it is necessary for the child to be highly proficient in almost every ascent of work. The child should not only be talented in academics but he must show expertise in other fields as well.

Our consultants believe good parenting practice can help the child and benefit the family as a whole. Multi-disciplinary mode of treatment is found to be the best way of treatment. Treatment should be holistic which involves cognitive behavioural therapy to be part of school, family and community. With this intention in mind, we have been visiting various schools and centers spreading awareness about the same with the help of free seminars and screening workshops.

At the same time, we have children coming from Kalyan deep school, who are benefitting from the treatment. Treatment of children from this school is sponsored by the other song clinic. We at ‘the other song’ believe in aiding the needy to the optimum and removing finance as a barrier before health and welfare of the child. Therefore unprivileged children receive treatment at concession rates or absolute free of charge. We are happy to help more and more people and make them avail of this facility and benefit from the same.

The most fundamental aspect of any living being is their ability to move which lends a sense of freedom. Come to think of it, each and every activity we do involves movement in some form or the other and that is what ultimately becomes the means to our happiness. Take movement away and what we get is someone who doesn’t seem to have any enthusiasm to live. Joint diseases – linked to old age or the ones that are auto-immune in nature, restrict a person’s movements. They are not only painful, but also hinder our ability to move.

Rheumatology is a division of Arthritis which deals with joint disorders are Auto-Immune in Nature. Auto-immunity means that the body is sensitized and produces a reaction to some aspect of itself. This state of auto-immunity is believed to be a result of some form of stress, expressing itself through the joints.

The most common types of Auto-Immune joint disorders are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, SLE, MCTD – mixed connective tissue disorders, Seronegative Spondylo-Arthropathy etc. These disorders are progressive, painful and destructive in nature. If not controlled well, they can cause severe pain, restrict the mobility of our joints and cause irreversible damage to the joints. Here, early diagnosis and intervention plays a very important role.

The Rheumatology Speciality Clinic at ‘the other song’ is a unique set-up comprising of a team of a experienced homoeopath, an orthopaedic surgeon and a physiotherapist. This team was created as a result of 25 years of work in integrative treatment of rheumatology by Dr Nimish Mehta, M.D.(Hom) and Dr P.S.Mamtora, M.S.(Orth), D. Orth. They observed that the combination of homoeopathy, good physiotherapy, vitamin supplementation and a healthy outlook to life, yielded the best results.

The sole aim of the Rheumatology Speciality Clinic is to help patients suffering from these joint disorders in a Holistic manner and with the right supplementation and physiotherapy.

The diabetes speciality clinic is a team of Experienced Diabetologist, Experienced Senior Homoeopaths and Dietitian together giving their best for the ultimate goal of giving the best possible help for Diabetes. Every individual with diabetes presents various symptoms depending on the severity of his condition. Along with that he presents various complications, hence the treatment approach varies accordingly. Each person has a specific individual body type, mind (nature) and disease.

In homeopathy, we try to find a medicine to suit the mental disposition, the physical attributes as well as various complications of the patient. The homeopath aims to identify the disease state and treat it with similar remedy. As the individual’s approach changes over the period of time it reflects on diabetes too. When the disease state is removed, the diabetes loses its grip like a creeper without a framework.

There are 4 main pillars in managing diabetes. Correct Diet, Regular exercise, Medications & Monitoring. In this speciality clinic we bring together the best of both the Sciences under one roof. Under the constant supervision of the Dermatologist and the Homoeopathic physician we help you in managing your stress and diabetes along with the best diet suited for you. The right place where one therapy complements the other to give you the best possible solution for your diabetes.

Uniqueness of diabetes specialty clinic:

  • Managing your stress in a better way with homoeopathy
  • Constant clinical evaluation and supervision by an experienced
  • Dermatologist
  • Guidelines on how to live a stress free life and good lifestyle
  • Prevention of diabetes if you are in pre-diabetes or borderline stage
  • Complications of diabetes: to delay or prevent
  • Advice on foot care: diabetic foot assessment and advice on foot care
  • Protein and fat assessment of your body: insight into yourself
  • Simple and effective advice on diet and exercise
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