Sensation And The Other Song

Since the days of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician best known for creating a system of alternative medicine called homeopathy, many-an- eminent homeopath have contributed to and expanded the basic principles of Homoeopathy with outstanding results. One such contribution to the advancement of Homoeopathy is the Sensation Approach.

Envisioned by Dr. Sankaran and his colleagues, The Sensation Approach is a path-breaking methodology that has revolutionized the practice of Homoeopathy. Today, thousands of homoeopaths are successfully practicing this cutting-edge approach across the world.

The Sensation Approach is based on the premise that deep inside each individual, is a specific and distinct energy that shapes who we are – our likes and dislikes, the way we think, act and feel, and finally our illnesses and diseases. This energy pattern is called ‘the other song’.

‘the other song’ defines our state of being. It determines our perception and response to the world, becoming an essential part of our individuality. It manifests itself as an inner core sensation that is unique to each individual. Our personalities, lifestyles, stress causers, physical problems and its symptoms are all expressions of this core inner sensation. Here, the person in question is matched to his corresponding natural sphere of existence –plant, animal and mineral.

The Sensation Method has evolved into a systematic approach of understanding and treating patients homoeopathically. In the earlier times homoeopathic case-taking and analysis was a mere collection of symptoms and look for a remedy that simply matches these symptoms in the homeopathic books called the materia medical and repertory. However, with the advent of the Sensation method, case-taking and understanding of a patient has delved into a more deeper level of understanding. This method helps a homoeopath to classify each patient into a specific category – either a plant, mineral or animal. This idea of kingdom classification, and as a consequence a remedy based on this idea, helps to resolve very deep underlying issues in a patient. This is much beyond his presenting complaints, which is means treating ‘the other song’ of the patient which leads to a specific disease. When this happens then the patient not only experiences freedom from disease, but an ability to see things around objectively, react rationally and act harmoniously. All this ultimately leads him to experience freedom from stress and disease, and happiness at all levels.

Contrary to popular belief, stress comes, not from external forces, but rather is a result of the way we perceive it. Remember, our perception is our reality. Keeping this in mind, we realize that our experience is a mere inner sensation. Being physical in nature, this core sensation matches an element in one of the three spheres of existence – Plant, Animal and Mineral. We end up viewing the experience through the prism of these elements. It becomes a constant companion with “the other song – our pattern of energies” .This sensation, thus, by mingling with our rhythm of energies, shapes our personalities, defines our life patterns and is the reason behind our stress.
Buried deep within us is a specific and distinct energy that defines our state of being. This affects two essential parts of our individuality – our perceptions and our response to external forces. This energy is our ‘Other Song’.
When there is a disturbance to this innate energy, it gets elevated to the cause of stress, conflict and lack of well-being. Disease, as seen through its varied physical symptoms, is an external manifestation of this deeper internal disturbance.

Hear Dr Rajan Sankaran speak about “Experience how “the other song” unfolds in health and disease, and makes oneself aware of his parallel self”

(Dr Sankaran presented this talk at the TEDMEDLive “the other song”, Mumbai on 21st April, 2013. For the first time in India, ‘the other song’-International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy in collaboration with TEDMED organized TEDMEDLive “the other song”.)

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