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“A patient or the patient’s first family makes a call to the front desk. The front desk, trained in patient relations with background knowledge of the medical field will note down particulars such as name, sex, age, address, nationality, complaints of the patients and the treatment done so far and the referring patient or contact. All the details noted will be strictly confidential.(Online enquiry form) Alternatively they can fill the form online and mail to our email address given below.

All patient enquiries are channelized only through the front desk route, i.e. the reception at the clinic. So in order to leave behind an enquiry, the patient or relatives should call at the clinic reception or should mail at

img_2159Once the enquiry is received at the reception, there is a team of doctors who looks into every individual enquiry and discusses as to which team of physicians should handle a given case. This decision, which is made by them is purely on the basis of clinical grounds and experience and strictly free of prejudice.

Once this decision is made, the patient is called back by our Patient Relation manager who gives information on team of doctors who will look into the patient’s treatment along with details of appointment schedule. The patient will get a call regarding his appointment schedule within 48 hours of leaving an enquiry.

In case of any queries, there is also a facility that the patient can speak to a doctor who tries his best to counsel and resolve any doubt regarding the treatment.

Once the enquiry is scheduled, it is mandatory that the patient confirms the appointment by making the payment within 3 working days by physical payment or an online transfer. The details for these are:

If the confirmation is not received, the scheduled appointment stands cancelled if we do not hear from the patient’s side in the stipulated period. This procedure is in place, since we value time and commitments and would like our patients to do so too.

Once the appointment is confirmed, you will again hear from our Patient Relation In-charge who will forward the case record form and will confirm the scheduled appointment times for the interviews of Case Receiving and Analysis and Case-taking.

Understanding Your Invoice : A Guide for Patients 

Payment options (for INDIAN nationals)

Payment options (for INTERNATIONAL patients)

Policy On – Advance/Credit/Refund/Medical Relief

The other song Financial Services staff is available to help you understand your invoice. Please contact us by calling (022) 4261-6621/22/19.
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