Satsangeet with Dr Rajan Sankaran – Tu to Ram sumir (Remain absorbed in thoughts of him)


Tu to raam sumir (Remain Absorbed in Thoughts of Him)

Poetry by Kabir
Set to Raga Chayanat

Dr Rajan Sankaran
Dr Rupal Shah

Supported by:
Shri Nawaz Hussain on the tabla
Mr Mohit Nijai on the harmonium

“Let your mind be attuned to the higher truth while the world engages in petty quarrels.
The elephant walks at its own pace, not bothered about the dogs that bark.”

The barking dogs in the song of Kabir not only referred to people who were critical but actually pointed more to the noise inside of us. Such a view suggests that problems and crises that occur in our lives do not happen due to external factors, but are enacted in our own minds. We must learn to deal with these noises that are quite constant and often loud. The elephant represents the silence deep within us.

Identifying with that silence lets us walk our path in peace not bothered by the noise.

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