Satsangeet with Dr Rajan Sankaran – Akhiyaan khud ko kab dekhoge (Oh eyes! When will you look At yourself?)


Akhiyaan khud ko kab dekhoge (Oh Eyes! When Will You Look At Yourself)

Poetry by Dr Rajan Sankaran
Set to Raga Bhairav

Dr Rajan Sankaran
Dr Rupal Shah

Supported by:
Shri Nawaz Hussain on the tabla
Mr Mohit Nijai on the harmonium

The first step in the spiritual process is awareness. We spend our whole lives looking outward. Can you spend of few moments looking inside. Why is this important? Because really speaking everything is happening inside us. Everything is happening to us. Who is this to whom everything is happening?

We will need to become a witness of our own self. A witness is one who simply observes what is happening in great detail, but without any judgment or opinion or theory. This involves being fully in the moment and not using your logical or reasoning mind, but just living in the experience of the now and watching it closely. You can also call this meditation.

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