Satsangeet with Dr Rajan Sankaran – ‘Tu hi tu hai’ ( a hymn to him)


Poetry by Dr Rajan Sankaran
Set to Raga Kedar

Dr Rajan Sankaran
Dr Rupal Shah

Supported by:
Shri Nawaz Hussain on the tabla
Mr Mohit Nijai on the harmonium

We often attribute only good qualities to God. We say God is Truth, God is Love, God is infinite, etc. If this were true, then to who does belong the opposite qualities? To whom belongs untruth, hate, and mortality? Is there really anything that is not God? Is not God everything?

This is a question that came to my mind. The moment we differentiate what God is and what he is not, we limit our idea of God. Also; is not God the Source, the Origin of everything there is?

The answer came to me, that everything is God. That there is no me as well. I am God too, and if I am God, then all that is good or bad in me is also a part of God. If good intention comes to me, that is coming from God and if bad intention comes to me , that is from God too. All is God, the whole drama is God, the actors are all God including the hero and the villain, Ram and Ravan. The writer, director is God too. And so is the spectator. It is all one big ‘ Lila’, one big play. God is that Lila too.

The Hindu concept of Neti Neti or ‘Not this , Not this’, meaning God cannot be any one quality or condition or anything that we can think or know, is one way of looking at it. Another way, as expressed in this poem, is that everything we experience or see is God. So in some sense God is nothing and everything too. He is Shunya and Sampoorna .

Truth is not a thing, It is not even an experience. Realization of the truth is not an experience too. It is just the awareness of the totality of what is, the completeness of existence. It is just being in the here and now. It is just ‘Being’. It is the acceptance of all that is as expressions of a greater reality that is beyond our mind or comprehension. To express the Truth in words is not possible.

The three states of mind are the Waking or Active state, the Witness or the Dream state and the Silent or the Deep sleep state. All these states of mind are also a part of God and also God is beyond all of these.

Such an undivided , complete and universal concept of God is all inclusive. All the opposites are included in it. All the emotions, thoughts are there too. All the elements of nature are a part of it. All forms are God too, and God is formless as well. God is the individual and well as the infinite, the wave as well as the ocean.

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