Patient care through team work

As a patient at ‘the other song’ clinic, your case is taken up by the entireteam-of-doctors Academy. Initially, a Resident Doctor takes your case in detail (Case Receiving and Analysis) and this is followed by a case-taking interview with the Consultant. There is also an additional Resident doctor who looks into the case, in absence of the main Resident Doctor. So the basic treating team consists of a pair of Resident Doctors and a Consultant doctor.

The main Resident Doctor attends to the case, constantly guided by the Consultant doctor. The Resident Doctor manages the follow-ups and acute conditions. This team of doctors works closely together to provide the best diagnosis and treatment for the patient.


In case where a patient does not show the expected improvement, the Resident doctor will:

  • Take the case back to the Consultant doctor
  • Refer the case to another Consultant doctor within the Academy
  • Call a panel of doctors at the Academy to look into the case

This process is repetitive and continual, until the best treatment is devised for the patient.

An international panel of homoeopaths and physicians of modern medicine associated with the Academy are also available for referral in complex and difficult cases.

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