Parenting Workshop


Facilitated by Dr. Jayesh Shah

Organized by ‘the other song’ & Shradha Cures

Every Child Craves a Happy Parent!!

Experience Spontaneous & Emotional Transformation

3 Day  workshop – 24th July,25th July & 26th July 2020

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Venue: 1001, Peninsula Heights, C.D. Burfiwala Marg,Juhu Lane, Andheri(W),Mumbai – 400 058

Awakened Parenting





Process to listen and recognize, what the child is trying to convey.The direction of healing for yourself

Awakened Parenting (5)


This is what parents often have to say; Sometimes it’s difficult to get it right with children; ‘My child does not listen!’;‘My child always watches television!’;‘My child always wants to eat junk food!’;‘My child does not study at all!’…all of this and a lot more

We must understands that ‘Stress in parent = Stress in child = Struggle’

Keeping the parent – child issues in the background, this workshop has been designed after having researched a method where parents undergo healing. A large number of parents who came for treatment of their children for chronic diseases were subjected to healing and meditative methodologies. The result was amazing as seemingly chronic and incurable diseases in children got cured without any medicine. The central message of this workshop is EVERY CHILD DESERVES A HAPPY PARENT.


Day 1

Recognition of unacceptable behaviors and disturbances in relation to what is the healing message that emerges out of unacceptable behaviors. Healing processes to integrate these patterns

Day 2

Role of passive-aggressive behavior; how to deal and heal. Continuation of recognizing unhealthy, sabotaging relationship between child and parent. Deepest understanding of child’s perspective.

Day 3

Communication workshop. Your relationship with your parents, patterns in running in generations; healing ancestral patterns, awakening your inner child.


This will be an interactive session to learn and master the science and art of effective communication and understanding with new age children. This workshop is based on this understanding that parent and a child are energetically bonded. It will focus on recognizing unhealthy and recurring patterns that distress our connection with children. The Purpose is to heal, transform, and create a vibrant relationship. Meditation session will help transform negative and fear based programming of relationships.

The high point of this event will be a communication workshop.


This workshop will help in healing recurring conflict which in turn can help cure chronic and long standing diseases like allergies, asthma, various skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, joint pains, hypertension, high cholesterol etc. The child and the parent are energetically bonded-this energy bond is such that it makes the parent and the child one unit. Healing or disturbance in one can influence healing or disturbance in the other. The seminar includes healing and meditative processes that transform the relationship or bring light and wisdom into the conflicts.


It is a must for all parents. By undergoing this workshop, parents can recognize what is the primary disturbance within them that needs to be healed and integrated. The awakened parenting workshop is meant to help parents see children as vital pointers to recognize unhealthy patterns to parents. This Workshop is focused on fundamental belief that every child wants to see happy parent. It is interesting to observe that how a small change in a parent can completely change a child physically mentally and emotionally.



The child and the parent are energetically bonded-this bonds the parent and the child into one unit. Healing or disturbance in one influences the other

It`s important to transform the relationship and bring light or wisdom into conflicts.

The workshop is aimed at restoring health and joy in both parent and child. Chronic conditions like allergies, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, high cholesterol, joint complaints and behavioral problem have been influenced by the meditative processes.

The techniques recommended bring together compassion and love in solving long-term conflicts in communication.

Resolution in one key relationship brings resolution in other relationship as well. Professional relationships and personal relationships are two sides of the same coin.

ction with ones own self and with our little wonders.


The workshop proposes a model for heating. This model has an integration of the ‘Sensation & system approach’ in Homoeopathy (for acute and chronic diseases) and deep meditative processes.

Healing long-term patterns in relationships, inner-child work, transpersonal psychology and other health-effective techniques.

The ultimate purpose is to restore a vibrant, effective, and love-based connection with ones own self and with our little wonders.


Dr. Jayesh Shah has been a practitioner of Homoeopathy in Mumbai for over thirty years. He has contributed to Homoeopathic learning by conducting over 100 seminars all over the world for professional homoeopaths and physicians. Having worked extensively with children of all ages he is looking to help create healthier bonds for parents and children. Dr. Jayesh specializes in conducting a number of healing workshops (A Journey within) that facilitate self-inquiry and healing through meditative technique and technique and interactive sessions and knowledge from spiritual masters. This integrated sessions and knowledge from spiritual masters. This integrated approach enables one to identify and finally transform compulsive disease patterns that run through all areas of physical as well as emotional distress. The ultimate purpose is to restore ones choice to be happy and healthy.

Dr. Rajul Shah is a Homoeopathic Consultant and practitioner over a period of twenty years. She works with a wide range of techniques like The Emotion Releasing Process, Chakra Diagnosis and healing through guided meditative processes. She is the joint facilitator of The Journey-Series by Shradhdha Cures. She works extensively with adolescents and parents in resolution of chronic behavioural conflicts.

Dr. Shradhdha Shah is a consultant Homoeopathic physician is Mumbai. She is alumnus of University College London. Dr. Shradhdha lectures extensively around the globe through her forum Inner Research – this is an initiative to bring various healing strategies together for the group. Internal creative and intuitive abilities can be brought to the surface to channel the potential within. Inner Research works with teams of medical institutes, patient groups, corporate and charities to arrive at solutions that maximize the spiritual, strategic and creative potential of the group. She is working with various health professionals and research bodies in evolving models in mind-body wellness. Past projects include seminars with Save the children, India, university College London, Don Bosco, Each One Teach One, ‘the other song’ academy, Yuva Parivartan, the Kalal Ghoda Arts Festival and the Bajaj Group among several others. Don Bosco, Each One, ‘the other song’ – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy, Yuva Parivartan the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, The Bajaj Group among several others.


“The seminar has helped me ease out, enjoying the little moments now. This hasn`t happened in years! My relationships have improved, feels like magic after a long while!”

Suman Raina, Home- maker & Flight Hostess

“The child was recurrently sick, with frequent fever and childhood depression. There was a marked difference in her physical and mental health after the parenting style changed. She was facing less stress!”

Physician & Parent ( Unnamed)

“After having these meditation sessions, my daughter`s temper tantrums and bouts of eczema have reduced to a great extent. We are a happier team now!”
Seyjal Jhaveri, Home-maker

“It was about bringing out the child in me that was dead, gone away, faded!”
Reema Shah, Home-Maker.

“It was a very important turning point for us. It made us less judgmental towards the children, it`s easier for us to accept so many things now! My son had a difficult chromosomal hormone disorder, the blood reports were all normal after the relationship changed! It1s the faith that makes it work! The advice has worked for us every time,”

Parent (Unnamed)

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