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Homoeopathy as Practiced at the Academy

Homeopathy, as a medicinal field, aims to look beyond the mere physical symptoms. It aims to correct the deeper inner disturbances. It is thus holistic and individualistic in nature restoring man’s health in body and soul.

Deep inside each one of us is a specific and distinct energy that defines our state of being. It defines our perception and response to the world and forms an essential part of our individuality. This energy is called ‘the other song’. ‘the other song’ reflects the essence of substance obtained from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms in nature.

Once the respective inner disturbance has been identified and treated the person finds release from the energy that previously governed his life. This method creates a balance in body and spirit with the individual now being free to be in tune with his true self – Melodious and Complete.

This essence or energy becomes the source of stress, conflict and / or lack of well being in an individual. The illness or disease is expressed through various physical symptoms, but these are an external manifestation of the deeper inner disturbance caused by the ‘the other song’.

Homoeopathy as practiced at the Academy, aims to look beyond the mere physical symptoms. It delves into the human being, recognizes ‘the other song’, and corrects the deep inner disturbance. In this way, the treatment provided at the Academy is both holistic and individualized

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