Mindfulness Music Meditation

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Mindfulness Music Meditation (MMM)  is a workshop for holistic healing with a unique combination of special processes called WISE – Witnessing the Inner Song Experience, Music and Meditation.

Introduction to the workshop: We all live in a complex world; the human mind has made it so. It is a restless world. We see so much strife and exploitation, with each one out to grab as much as we can that, we feel we are missing out on something vital if we are not doing the same. Modern scientific advances have made everything so easy, yet life is so stressful. We are losing our health and peace. Where do we find true peace and health?

The answer lies in going within. To find the way inward where peace, health and joy really abide, we need to navigate the confusing maze of the alluring but unsatisfying world. The map is to be found in the universal, indwelling wisdom that is brought to light in each one of us by raising our awareness. We need to bring our attention to what can make us healthy in body, mind and spirit. Such a re-orientation is possible when we can find the right processes and guidance to make it happen. Then a complete healing can be initiated.

This workshop is a specially designed program that helps us rediscover and reorient and become more aware of ourselves as body, mind, spirit and as a part of the human community. It gives us a taste of the five-day retreats that are regularly conducted in the midst of majestic mountains on the banks of lake Pawna in Lonavala where nature, stillness and freshness work their magic.

Sampoornam (meaning: all encompassing, complete, whole) offers itself as a holistic healing centre. (www.sampoornamhealing.com).

This workshop comprises of activities like simple stretches that are shared with awareness of the alignment of the body. The food served is whole-plant based. This diet is non processed, dairy free, oil free, organic contains no refined products. The simple act of eating when done with awareness translates into meditation.Through unique processes called WISE (Witnessing the Inner Song Experience), we become aware that we see the entire world through our own individual inner pattern. We become aware that stress is not outside, but inside us, arising from looking and reacting to the outside stimulus through this unique pattern or inner melody. These processes are devised after three decades of research, taking us towards an awareness of the pattern of the mind.These are complimented by processes like music, meditation, spiritual orientation and sharing. Music is an integral part of this workshop, used as group singing, rhythm, movement and also classical raag based melodies. This is meditative and creates a great bonding between the group.

A systematic, simple meditation method developed by Dr Rajan Sankaran takes you through the three states of the mind and also makes one experience a space beyond the mind. All of these together synergistically work on the body, mind and spirit to embark you on a journey towards health.

Mindfulness Music Meditation


1.We become aware of ourselves as body, mind, spirit and community.

2.We will experience the “other song” or the inner pattern within us. This is the pattern that has been ruling us and we are looking at the world through the glasses of this pattern.

3.We get aware of this pattern.

4.We learn to witness this pattern. This way we can reduce its intensity and effect on us. As this happens, we have the freedom to come out of our fixed melody that rules our lives and to be in the ‘NOW.’

5.Simple community activities like group singing and dancing create bonding.

6.The awareness pattern can help get symptoms for the remedy in homoeopathy.

7.Meditation is a very powerful way towards creating a distance between the body-mind and consciousness and experiencing one’s larger identity. This is the gateway to inner peace.

Facilitated by: Dr. Rajan Sankaran and team

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is an internationally renowned homeopathic practitioner, teacher, researcher and author. He shares his experience and teachings all over the world since the past more than three decades. He teaches us to look at the phenomenon both outside and within us without any prejudice or knowledge and to observe and experience what actually exists or what is without any analysis or labels.

He is the head of The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy (www.theothersong.com). Known for his path-breaking innovations in Homoeopathy, he is author to 25 books some of which has been translated in 22 languages.

He is spiritually inclined and his book Dog, Yogi Banyan Tree is a tale of personal evolution and spiritual discovery. He has developed the four-step method of meditation that is systematic and simple. He conducts regular free meditation sessions at The Other Song and regular 5 day retreats empowering people to their own journey to healing and peace.(www.sampoornamhealing.com). He has a special interest in Indian classical music which he uses along with specially developed inner witnessing processes, diet, connection with nature and several other modalities to facilitate a holistic healing.

Contact : +91 22 2610 3460 / 67 or Email : info@sankaransclinic.com

Fees include course material and Vegan lunch. Last date of Registration : 26 Feb 2020.

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