Meditation – Not peace of mind but peace ‘off’ mind

“Meditation is a state of being, not doing. It is locating the self in a deep space of inner silence”

What is meditation?

  • To be calm and focused without any strain or stress
  • To increase awareness of the world around us and within us
  • Being in moment with constant choice-less observation
  • A process more than a goal… a beautiful journey rather than a destination

Why do we need to meditate?

  • To effectively manage stress
  • To lead a better and productive life
  • To calm the mind

What is stress?

  • It is body’s way of protecting us. The nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenalin and cortisol.

What does it to us?


  • The heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, and senses become sharper thus preparing us to either fight or flee from the surroundings.

In the long term 

  • Stress can raise blood pressure, increase risk of heart attack and stroke, and contribute to infertility.
  • Sleep and digestion problems, obesity, autoimmune diseases and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are some other health problems that are caused or exacerbated by stress.
  • The most dangerous thing about stress is that we get used to it and we start to feel familiar, even normal.

Why do we experience stress?

  • The deadlines of modern life have made stress so common that it has become a way of life for many people. When we are stressed, our body reacts just as strongly as if we were in a life or death situation.

What are the warning signs of stress?

  • Memory problems
  • Constant worrying
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Short temper
  • Depression
  • Aches and pains

  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions
  • Eating more or eating less
  • Using alcohol or cigarettes to relax
  • Nail biting
  • Sweaty palms


How to manage stress?

  • Learn to handle thoughts, emotions, schedules, environment and the way
    we deal with problems
  • Stress can also be reduced to healthy levels using mediation

What happens when we meditate?

  • Meditation activates a state of restfulness that is opposite to the stress
  • Daily practice leads to a reduction in day to day stress levels and boost in our feelings of joy and serenity
  • It increases our ability to remain calm and composed during pressure

Benefits of meditations –

  • Decreased stress, tension, anxiety, depression
  • Balanced emotions and peace of mind, better confidence and concentration
  • Awareness of life experience and ‘the other song’ within
  • Greater spiritual connection

We have evolved our own technique which consists of 3 steps

  • Recognizing and identifying with the body
  • Becoming the witness
  • Getting rid of witness

The session lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. Brief lecture is taken before each session followed by 30 minutes of actual meditation. During this session, a sense of deep relaxation can be experienced. As one continues to practice meditation, it becomes second nature to turn within. Meditation is also a state that can be maintained throughout the day giving one a sense of uninterrupted peace and contentment.


You are encouraged to attend meditation session whenever the treating physician or the holistic clinic coordinator advises you to do so.

A mediation CD is offered to you at the end of the session, which can be used to practice meditation at home.

You can experience the relaxation and benefits and are encouraged to attend as many sessions as you want.

  • You are requested to be on time for the session.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes
  • We ask you to switch off your mobiles
  • People who are suffering from cough on the day are requested not to attend the session as it disturbs meditation
  • Be patient with yourself and with the practice, enjoy each moment and do not ‘try hard’
  • The biggest blocks to mediation are impatience and expectations
  • Don’t be impatient with yourself or disappointed if today’s practice was not as good as yesterday’s practice. That happens! Just rest for a moment… rest in the stillness and silence and enjoy!

Mediation needs to be practiced daily because it is an art which is to be cultivated

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