Managing stress with homeopathy


The prevalence of diseases like high blood pressure, skin diseases and diabetes, acidity, asthma, osteoarthritis and autoimmune diseases are increasing in today’s high paced life. Predictions say that India will soon be the diabetes capital of the world.

To make the things worse, the number of psychological diseases like anxiety, depression, panics attacks, mood problems are increasing at an alarming rate. It is a sad state of affairs that while we are progressing the field of technology, health care etc., the incidence of diseases is increasing. Scientists, doctors, researchers are coming up with new hypotheses, speculations, assumptions as to the causative factors of diseases, the direct cause of which is not known in many a cases. Then the concept of the psycho-somatic conditions was studied and it was found that most of the diseases in the modern life style can be grouped under this category. If the illnesses are to be studied with respect to their origin and the cause, we find a common culprit at the base of the vast pyramid of these chronic modern day disorders, viz, stress.

Being homoeopaths, most of the patients come to us very late for treatment. They come because either they are tired of the long standing medications or the side effects get more severe than the disease itself or when the modern medicine does not have an answer to their problem. Many of the patients report the root cause of their suffering as stress. And indeed if we are to see, STRESS has become a universal name and the cause of all our sufferings as it is a part and parcel of our routine life as well.

What is stress? Majoirty of us believe that stress is an external phenomenon. We frequently say that my boss, my mother-in- law, my wife, my husband, my situation etc. is the reason why i am stressed. We often blame the ‘other person’ or & ‘the situation.’ E.g. we say ‘because my boss is too demanding, I am feeling stressed’ I experienced considerable stress owing to a trivial situation in my own life. I had to travel to Pune by train which was scheduled for departure at 5:10 p.m. Considering the heavy traffic, I left my house an hour early at 4 p.m. The travel through this route which happens to be my routine, made me confident that I would reach the station by 4:30 p.m. given the heavy traffic too. However, to my surprise, the traffic that day was terrible. It was 4.30 p.m. and I had not even travelled half the way. This created a lot of turmoil within me. To add to my frustration, the cab driver was driving at his slowest. At around 4:40 p.m., I lost my cool and fired the taxi driver. While i think about it now, I realized that it was indeed a stressful situation for me. My heart beat faster with each passing moment, I lost my temper, I was trembling in anger, my ears were hot and my blood was boiling. But then there was a sudden flash of awareness. I calmed myself down and turned my focus within. I realized that the main thing which was bothering me was the fact that if I missed the train, I would be left with no option other than to travel by bus, which would mean a considerable more expense. The moment I become conscious of this my anxiety began to ease. So what was the stress?

Was it the traffic condition or was it the slow driving? When we examine this situation deeply, we see that all the turmoil and the disease was the manifestation of the feeling to spend more money. That means the stress was not the situation itself, but my perception of the circumstance. The stress was about spending in my case and not the traffic or the slow driving. So the stress is not something external but the way we perceive and experience our state of affairs.

When we realize or become aware of this perception, ease sets in. This internal turmoil, internal disturbance, internal perception which is either subconscious or unconscious is what we call in Homoeopathy as ‘disease’ The external situation like the traffic jams are just apparent causes to excite this inner turmoil.

So we see that at conscious level it is the traffic and slow driving but the way I experienced this is loss of finance. This loss of finance is what we call in Homoeopathy as ‘the other song.’ This other song, this inner turmoil needs to be healed.

During a homoeopathic interview a homoeopathic physician tries to identify this inner disturbance. He is skilled in this art of carving the portrait of this inner mayhem. This is done by going deeper into the fears, the dreams, the stressful situations and the physical complaints. The medicines are intended to correct this inner chaos, the real root, the true origin, the foundation or the source of so called dis-ease.

The idea that our mind is the cause and source of illness, is not a new one. Our sages preached this idea many years ago. They said that a diseased body could be a sign that the mind is not at ease and this factor needs to be addressed primarily. Thus several diseases once thought to be merely physical dysfunctions have been found to be psychosomatic in origin.

Conversely, when the mind is calm, quiet and balanced, it starts to heal the distress. Thus the physical problems start undergoing remission, the immunity gets a boost, the sleep improves and more importantly the relationships become more harmonious and fulfilling. Slowly one becomes a more loving, forgiving person; an attitude of reverence develops within for everyone. Thus connecting to godliness within and transforming self. One becomes a paradise of heaven; radiating peace and joy. Homoeopathic medicines have a great potential to correct and bring back the balance and a sense of well-being.

The other way is to connect with your breath. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the breath.

Follow your breath. Observe how air flows in and out. Thoughts come and go. They might be positive and negative. However, we should just focus on our breath. Thoughts will come and go; it is the nature of mind to manufacture thoughts. Don’t judge them. All you need to do is just watch it completely free of judgment. After practicing this exercise for few days you will notice healing effects and develop an awareness relating to feel better for you. You start getting in touch with yourself. This awareness of oneself is blissful, joyful, peaceful and delightful.

As you continue this you will see that it becomes a part of your daily life.

Lastly laugh a lot. When you laugh a hearty laugh you become one. Thinking stops. Your mind, body and soul are one. You function in harmony. When the laughter is really deep suddenly you feel your body and soul are functioning together. There is no thinking, no judgment and no perception. Thus there is no disease; there is only ease. Sammy Goldberg looked very sad; his wife was sick so he called the doctor. After examining Mrs Goldberg, the doctor said to Sammy, “I am afraid it is bad news; your wife has only a few hours to live.I hope you understand there is nothing more to be done. Don’t let yourself suffer.” “It is alright doc,” said Goldberg, “I have suffered for 40 years; I can suffer a few more hours”.


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Dr. Devang Shah M.D. (Hom)

In-house Consultant, ‘the other song’

Dr. Devang Shah graduated from D.S. Homoeopathic Medical College and has been practicing homoeopathy for the last six years. He feels blessed to have studied under Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee and Dr. Mahesh Gandhi. His goal in each case is to reach to the depth of it and locate the root from where the branches of disease originate. He has been known among his colleagues and clients to have immense ability to be patient and unearth the disturbance within each suffering soul. "Silence is the opening of an infinite world within each of us. May we reach the depth so that the spirit arises"!

Dr Devang Shah practices at the other song homeopathy clinic

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