Integrating Treatment with Training and Research

1-1Holistic care and total wellbeing lies at the heart of the treatment process at ‘the other song’ clinic. The goal is to provide the best possible homoeopathic care possible for the patients. This is accomplished by integrating the treatment process at the Clinic with the training and research activities of the Academy.

Using the state-of-the-art video technology, the Clinic proceedings are relayed live, with the consent of the patient, to the training classrooms. The students and practitioners undergoing training complement the treatment process at the Clinic, can be called upon as part of the consultative process, if necessary. Total confidentiality is maintained through the entire process.

Simultaneously, by viewing the live interaction between doctor and patient, the trainees hone their skills and knowledge of homoeopathic treatment and practice, and cumulatively contribute to the quality of treatment dispensed through the Academy at the Clinic.

This integrative process contributes to the development of Homoeopath and the Sensation Method as practiced at the Academy, in general. It specifically helps establish protocols and procedures for treatment that directly benefit the patient.

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