Importance of Leafy Greens in Diet

Importance of Leafy Greens in Diet

Dr.Komal Gandhi

When we think of nature we think green. The same green can also be associated with health in the form of green leafy vegetables. Adding small quantities of green to your daily diet can work wonders for you on a regular basis.

Healthy benefits of leafy greens –

1) It is a great source of folates which are necessary to maintain good health. It also helps prevent birth defects when consumed adequately.

2) Greens are very low in calories and extremely beneficial for weight loss. It is also packed with nutrients and hence a super weightloss food.

3) Dark leafy greens are a good source of antioxidants, thereby are great anti-ageing foods.

4) Leafy greens are a good source of which helps in good health of the heart.

5) Leafy greens also aid digestion and cure one of the many digestive problems, especially acidity.

Ways to include greens in your diet-

1) Garnishing foods with simple leaves likes coriander and mint can help enhance the flavours as well as give you a good nutrition.

2) You can add a handful of leaves to your smoothies, so the taste is also not compromised and you get the benefits of it too.

3) You can add leafy greens to your salads and soups.

4) Chutneys and sauces can be prepared using these leaves.

Caution : Certain leaves contain high levels of calcium which if consumed excessively can lead to calcium deposits and renal stones in some people e.g . spinach. Hence the leafy greens should be consumed in moderation.


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