Homoeopathic Treatment of Alopecia

Homoeopathic Treatment of Alopecia

Case of Alopecia

Dr. Sunita Gandhi

This is the case of a 54-year lady who came with complaints of hair loss, due to which she developed frontal thinning of hair and balding since last 4-5 years. This issue was a major concern for her as she always desired to look good by dressing well and balding was like a hindrance that brought down her confidence level.

Being a very active person mentally, she always kept herself occupied as it would make her feel better.

As a child she was the eldest amongst her siblings and after father suffered from paralysis, all the responsibility came over her suddenly. This was a big challenge for her. She did not feel adequate enough to bear all the responsibility. At work place too her role demanded her to take up responsibility due to which she faced a lot of difficulties. Her biggest fear was if she could function independently when she grew old as she did not want to depend on anyone. Also she was very sensitive to warm climate. This was her life situation and the stress she was going through. Based on all her complaints she was given a remedy which helped her wonderfully.



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