Homoeopathic Case-Record Form (HCRF)

The HCRF is a very important part of the patient treatment. Every patient who opts for treatment at ‘the other song’ is handed the HCRF and asked to fill it out in as much detail as they can. The 30 page booklet may seem tedious task, but the actual process of the filling the booklet is an eye-opener for many a patients, as it provides an insight into their complaints and the patterns. It is crucial that the patient sincerely fills out this booklet with sincerity as this data is stored and recorded, and referred time and again by the doctors through the patient’s treatment.

The HCRF is handed over to the patients physically on the time of confirmation of appointment. In cases, when the case confirmation is done online, the HCRF is mailed to the mail id provided, or it can also be downloaded from the following link

In case of children below the age of 14 years, there is a Pediatric Case Record form, which the parents are requested to fill out for the children. If the child understands and wants to fill out some aspects of the form, he should be encouraged to do so. The link for the Pediatric Case Record form is:

For patients who are comfortable communicating in vernacular languages, we also have the provision of HCRF translated into languages like – Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. These can be requested at the clinic front desk.

Download Case Record Form :

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