Homeopathy treatment

homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy treatment is a natural form of medicine based on the principle of symptom similarity. Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural sources and are diluted and potentized to make them safe.

Homeopathy treatment, when taken from a professional homeopathy doctor, is usually safe and without any side effects. Homeopathic literature says that when a remedy, which covers your symptoms very well, is administered, it is able to affect a cure rapidly and gently, even of long standing and inveterate cases.

How is homeopathy treatment given at the other song?

At the “the other song” we synergize – treating, teaching and transforming as we believe in empathetic and holistic care at the core supplemented by our mission to spread the highest ideal of training to students by hands-on training so that they can help benefit numerous others by this knowledge. We hereby aim to give homeopathy treatment and continue spreading the best possible homeopathy treatment and holistic care.

About the other song

Launched on 1st July, 2011, the other song has successfully completed four years as an institute, and headed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran (Best Homeopathy Doctor in Mumbai), with the relentless and unconditional support from his team of over 35 colleagues, the other song has been a centre for healing and learning, both under the same roof. What is more important is to ensure that our patients avail of the best possible care, the team at the institute keep themselves abreast of the latest  advances in the field of medicine, homeopathy treatment, yoga, diet, meditation, physiotherapy and counseling and recommend each as per the health seeker’s needs.

What sets the other song homeopathy treatment apart?

Individualization and holistic care lie at the heart of homeopathy treatment, i.e. a homeopath always perseveres at finding a complete and a tailor made health solution for an individual through homeopathy treatment. The mode of homeopathy treatment always emphasizes more on inner cure, rather than a mere treatment of the symptoms and the medicine is selected for the individual rather than a disease. Hence, a homeopathic physician always quests to find out what sets an individual apart and what defines him as a person and bases his prescription on the same, for best results.

While every homeopath has his own means of individualizing his patient, we at the other song follow the unique ‘Sensation Approach’ for homeopathy treatment, discovered by our head, Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

‘Sensation Approach’ homeopathy treatment at the other song

“The sensation method is about going beyond facts and touching the hitherto unfathomed depths of our being.”

What is it that makes each one of us who we are?

What is it that makes each of us feel, perceive, experience, and act in our own unique manner?

What is the real cause of the stress in your life?

These interesting questions are vital to an individual’s understanding of his persona. All of us seek peace in the form of harmony, contentment, happiness, joy, health, serenity, balance. Peace denotes the absence of conflict, of the turmoil and stress that conflict brings. We seldom experience peace in our lives. Although we know that fulfillment lies in sustaining this state of harmony; conflict all too often and too readily recurs and peace is lost. The resultant stress, which is an inherent part of our life, affects our health, our relationships and our work space. In short it affects the way we feel and act.

In our attempt to reduce stress levels, we indulge in various strategies that come naturally to us. The most common one is to try and change the external situation out of the belief that the cause of our stress lies there. For example, if our stress is about money, we try to earn more and generate new avenues of income. When stress arises in relationships, we try to manipulate the other person or end the relationship itself. We hope to find in someone else a stress – free relationship. When stress takes its toll on our health, we adopt different techniques and therapeutic modalities to deal with it.

All these measures help relieve the stress, though the results from most are very short-lived. The main reason why they are so is because they aim at external reality which we attempt to avoid, escape or rearrange. This rearranging of external circumstances is like attempting to straighten your shadow while you yourself remain bent!

After years of successfully helping patients with homeopathy treatment, Dr. Rajan Sankaran observed that stress does not arise from external circumstances, but from the individual perception of these circumstances. The truth is that the external reality is not the ‘cause’ of most of the stresses and conflicts that occur in our lives. At some point we do realize that stress is not from the outside of us, but from the way we perceive and react to reality. The way each one perceives and reacts to reality which makes him unique, gives him his individuality.

So then, how does the conflict within an individual arise?

It arises when the external reality differs significantly from the individual’s perception of that reality. When such a disparity between inner and outer reality occurs, there is a threat to unity and harmony. The person experiences duality and conflict. He experiences two inner voices: one voice saying what it actually is; the other perceiving, from his view point, quite differently and so talking with a different voice. It is this inner debate, this conflict within, which creates stress.

We thus see that our underlying stress is, not about ‘what is’ (the external situation) but more about ‘what happens to be’ (our individual way of seeing and experiencing that situation). When our individual perception differs markedly from the actual situation, we are in effect suffering from a delusion. This false way of seeing (delusion) is like wearing life-long colored glasses that we never seem to take off. We view all situations in the same ‘colored way’ and it becomes the routine way of perceiving our self and our world….

Most of us realize that, ultimately, to minimize stress, it doesn’t help to change our outside circumstances, but that we need to perceive where the stress is coming from. There may be the situations, in which you feel stressed, but your experience of stress arises from something much deeper and that experience is unique to you. What is more profound is that this unique experience is also expressed in areas of your life that are not considered stressful; it actually underlies your entire experience of life.

Our behavior and our feelings stem from something much deeper in our beings. They are rooted in a very basic, inexplicable experience unique to each one of us. This experience is not emotional or intellectual; it is a sensation felt in the body and mind simultaneously, one that is constant, one that colors our whole experience of life, shapes our personality and determines our life pattern. This sensation is our constant companion, the other song that keeps singing within us. A song that resonates with something in nature be it an animal, plant or a mineral…..

This approach used in Homeopathic case-taking and the subsequent remedy analysis is termed as ‘The Sensation Approach’.

The sensation approach becomes a bridge en route “the other song” singing within us.

Understanding the other song to Cure

The process of case-taking, of delving into the deeper realms of an individual, to crossing over from the conscious into the subconscious states, requires persistence and perseverance and the journey may be long and difficult but the outcome is wonderful, both for the patient and the physician. Finding the right remedy is one of the goals of subjecting the patient to the sensation technique, the main goal being freedom from the fixed pattern of response and thus from illness. From the patient’s perspective, the enquiry may sound unusual and that is alright because this might be the first time you are subjected to such an enquiry. A little bit of patience and submission to the healer is all that is required to complete the interview and attain awareness.

Why to take homoeopathy treatment?

  • Homeopathy treatment is cost effective
  • Homeopathy treatment has no side effects
  • When an individual takes homoeopathy treatment, there is an overall sense of well-being and not just relief of specific symptoms
  • While this treatment considers all the symptoms of an illness for its treatment, it goes a step beyond to understand the person suffering from the illness by tracing the cause and understanding it to the deepest root.

Advantages of  treatment:

The homeopathic mode of treatment offers a complete cure with natural medicines. Homeopathy treatment for acidity is effective in treating both acute and chronic cases. The various allopathic medicines prescribed in the conventional mode offer only a temporary relief, while treatment promises to give a permanent cure for illness.

Modalities other than  treatment complementing cure at the clinic

At the other song, we also emphasize on diet, meditation and exercise with medicines as they are equally important in treatment of illness. One can seldom remain healthy after consuming the right medicine but avoiding the healthy way of living. Healthy living involves healthy eating, meditation and exercise. At the other song, we emphasize on the use of natural diet, yoga and meditation as a means to holistically heal the patient and help him/her remain in state of health.

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