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One of the most common health issues seen not less than a challenge to solve is Backache. It is one health issue if not addressed to can lead to a havoc and disturbance in the daily routine.

Backache can vary from a short duration (acute) to a long-standing pain (chronic). Taking measures to prevent or relieve backache goes a long way in helping the person deal with this condition. Surgery stands as the last option to treat back pain.

Symptoms of Back pain

Common signs and symptoms include-

Muscle aches and pain

Decreased range of motions or reduced flexibility of the back and its muscles

Radiating pain from the back to different parts of the body

Pain such as pulling or shooting which can vary in intensity and get intense if not addressed in time.

Back pain can become a matter or concern if the intensity of pain increases or if there is no relief in the complaints despite taking care and treatment. Few cases can signal a medical condition, such as pain in the back along with fever or injury or bladder complaints to name a few. Osteoporosis and cancer too can cause chronic back pain.

Back pain when associated with weakness, weight loss, numbness or tingling needs to be examined by a health consultant. Sudden onset of backache after 50 years of age too is a matter of concern.

Causes of Back pain

Back pain can come up suddenly, or an acute due to a fall or lifting heavy weights or sprain (less than 6 weeks) or may be chronic (pain lasting for more than three months).

Common causes include-

Sprain in the ligaments or muscles- continuous or repeated lifting of heavy weights or jerks due to sudden movement may give rise to pain in the back muscles and lead to spasms.

Bulging of the discs or reduced disk space in the spine- disks are the soft cushion situated between the vertebral bones of the spinal cord.  The disk can bulge or rupture leading to pressure on the nerve. This can be most commonly be seen on x-ray imaging of the spine.

Osteoporosis is one of the major causes that can give rise to pain in the back as the spine can develop compression fractures on account of the bones being brittle and porous.

Arthritis- it commonly affects the lumbar region of the spinal column, which is situated in the lower back. In some cases the spine can also cause narrowing of the space around the vertebral column like in spinal stenosis, which can give rise to intense back pain.

Skeletal deformities and irregularities- the bones situated in the curves of the spinal cord are most commonly affected and can give rise to back pain especially in cases of scoliosis.

Risk factors of Back Pain

People of any age can develop back pain right from childhood to teenage to adult age to people in their old age.

Contributing risk factors include-

Increasing age- back pain is very commonly seen, as one gets older after 35- 40 years of age.

Lack of exercise or physical activity- it often gives rise to stiffness and pain in various joints of the body, the back being affected commonly.

Lifting excessive weight- it adds stress on the muscles and ligaments giving rise to pain.

Certain diseases- such as osteoporosis, cancer, degenerative diseases, obesity etc. can give rise to pain.

Role of Homeopathy in treatment of Back pain

Homeopathy offers a lot of space and has the potential to treat back pain to a very great extent. As the scope for treatment that lies in the hands of a conventional medical practitioner is nothing more than steroids, painkillers and NSAID’s, homeopathy has a varied and vast scope to treat this condition with the help of the most suitable homeopathic remedy based on individual study of each case.

From a common sprain to injury to underlying disease, homeopathy can help reduce the pain and help improve the overall quality of life of the individual suffering from this condition. Homeopathy considers the individual as a whole and the most suitable medicine is prescribed on the basis of the details obtained from the individual during the case-taking session.

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