Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

What is Autism?

Autism is also called as ‘Autism spectrum disorder’. It is a developmental disorder that affects the nervous system and impairs the person’s overall cognitive, emotional, social and physical health.
The severity of symptoms can vary from person to person.
One of the illnesses included in the Autism Spectrum Disorder is Autism itself. It impacts the person’s perception and socialization and how he perceives and socializes with others giving rise to difficulties in conversations and interactions. This condition is directly related to brain development. Individuals affected with Autism spectrum disorder also exhibit repetitive patterns of behavior. The word Spectrum in autism spectrum disorder covers a wide range of symptoms and its severity.
Autism spectrum disorder usually marks its beginnings in early childhood years. Children often face problems at school while conversing or mixing with their peers. Often in children the symptoms of autism can be seen within the first year of age, while in some the symptoms appear after a few months of normal development. The regression period may start between 18-24 months of age where they may start developing symptoms of autism.
Children affected with autism spectrum disorder face a wide variation in challenges and strengths possessed and differs amongst them


awesomeAutism has a strong genetic link. It is a complex disorder. Both genetics and environment play an important role. Major gene mutations and interactions are responsible for Autism spectrum disorder. Genes have an effect on the brain development or on the co-ordination between the brain cells whichh determine the severity of the condition and its symptoms. Some genetic mutations are inherited while some may occur spontaneously. Environmental factors such as viral infections, certain drugs or pregnancy associated complications are the potential triggers for ASD.

Signs and symptoms of ASD can see seen in early infancy like reduced eye contact, poor/deficient response when called out by name. some children may appear and develop in a normal manner for the initial few months of life after which the symptoms may show up like they may suddenly become withdrawn or may behave aggressively. These signs may be seen from 2 years of age and
Every child affected with ASD, presents with a unique behavioural pattern and varied level of severity from low to high functioning, like some may show difficulty in learning, some may show signs of low IQ levels than normal and some other children may have a normal to higher IQ level but may face difficulty while communicating with others or with application of knowledge in
various situations.

Identification is usually made on the level of impairments and its effect on the ability to function.


Today there is a rise in the number of children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. It can affect children of all races and nationalities but certain factors can increase the child’s risk  which include-
Sex of the child- Boys are four times more likely to get affected by autism spectrum disorder.
Family history- having one child in the family with autism spectrum disorder, increases the chances of having another child with the same disorder.
Children affected with other medical conditions too have a higher risk of developing ASD such as intellectual problems which can be inherited, fragile X syndrome, benign tumours in the brain, rett syndome seen in girls exclusively etc. Preterm babies who are born before 26 weeks of gestation too have an increased risk of developing ASD.

On account of problems with behaviour, social interactions and communication children can face problems in school with learning, studies are hampered, chances of living independently and being employed later in life gets difficult, many may face social isolation. All of these can lead ot a major stress in the family. some also get bullied or victimised.

Patterns of behavior Some children show repeated patterns of behavior or activities like Doing repeated movements such as spinning, flapping the hands, winking the eyes, stirring, playing with the same objects repeatedly, running r performing certain tasks repeatedly like closing or opening the door, switching on and switching off the buttons etc.
Some may self harm themselves or others like biting others or banging their head Some may have difficulty with co-ordinations such as not being able to hold the spoon and eat (hand and mouth pattern), not being able to walk properly etc.

They may at times be fascinated by cerain colors or moving objects and may keep staring at it without understanding or reacting further. some may continuously stare with a fixed glance at an object with abnormal intensity or focus.
Some may have specific food preferences and may not want to eat anything else.
With age some children despite having ASD get engaged with others and show a reduction in their behavior disturbances while some may continue to exhibit them throughout life with or without an increased intensity. Each stage of development comes with its own set of challenges and transformation, which needs to be faced with lots of patience and understanding towards the child.
When to see a doctor Children develop at their own pace under the normal timelines mentioned. Delayed development or milestones is a concern and should be addressed to a practicing medical doctor. If one suspects
certain symptoms associated with development disorder is it a matter of concern.
Autism spectrum disorder signs often appear early in development when there are certain delays in verbal skills and social interactions.
Certain developmental tests may be performed to identify if the child has delays in cognitive, language and social skills, if the child does not repond with a smile or a happy expression by 6 months of age, if he does not mimic facial expressions by 9-10 months of age, if he does not babble by 12 months of age, if he does not speak single words or make gestures by 12-14 months of age etc

Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

Homeopathy helps treat the person as a whole and the medicines have a deep effect on the human body. The medicines have been found to be very effective in various psychological and developmental disorders. It is not only the symptoms of the child than is taken in to consideration but the child as a whole is treated with very positive results. Different aspects such as the behavior
of the child, nature of the child, his likes and dislikes, his fears and sensitivities, past history, family history, complaints of mother during pregnancy are different aspects that are enquired in detail during the detailed case taking session on the basis of which the most suitable remedy is then prescribed.

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