Homeopathic treatment of atopic dermatitis in children

Homeopathic treatment of atopic dermatitis in children



A 22-month-old child was bought to our clinic at ‘the other song’ one fine morning for consultation.  When she entered the consulting room, we could clearly observe the red rashes on his cheek.  On asking further details, it appeared that the child had these rashes spread to almost the entire body. This child was affected by a skin condition called ‘Eczema’.

Before Treatment

Eczema is one of the most frequent skin ailment that we doctor’s come across in our daily practice. It is a kind of skin inflammation that gives rise to visible symptoms like dryness of skin, red rashes, itching that may also result in bleeding over time. It is commonly seen in children. Adults too are likely to get affected by this skin disorder. In few cases eczema can also continue into adulthood if not controlled or treated in time.

Here in this case, the child had developed the first episode at the age of 5 months, for which the allopathic doctor put her on a course of steroids. Steroids and local application are the only answers that modern medicine practitioners can give for this skin disorder.

While this child was on steroids, her skin rashes almost went away except for few, which were still visible. Once the steroids were stopped, the rashes again started re-appearing in the form of dry eruptions along with itching and also spread to the entire body. The itching was more at night, due to which she was unable to sleep well.

She was just like another child of her age who liked to play, listen to music, see cartoons etc. but what made her different from the others was her nature and behavior which we as homoeopaths majorly take in to consideration.

She liked to mix with other children; she often brought other kids to play with her, whereby she used to take initiative and be self-dependent.

She liked to be fed by others.

On observing the child, she constantly kept moving in the clinic and kept picking up various things at the clinic constantly, and holding it in her hands kept asking us what it was.

In food habits she liked eating spicy and sour food, but did not like eating sweets, which was again a characteristic feature of the child.

On the basis of all the symptoms and observation, she was prescribed a suitable homoeopathic medicine.

On gradual and successive follow ups the child gradually started improving. The eruptions over her face, cheeks and trunk reduced, itching at night too reduced to an extent where the child now slept peacefully and woke up joyfully

After Treatment



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