Homeopathic medicine for Acne

Acne: Cause, Symptoms, diagnosis and Homeopathic treatment

What is Acne?
Acne or Acne Vulgaris is a common skin condition seen frequently afflicting the generation of teens and young adults. It is more commonly seen in females than amongst males. The scars of acne are often considered as bane by the young individual due to the potential harm it does to one’s good looks. Acne are eruptions commonly found on the face, back, shoulders, neck and chest. They commonlyoccur when the pores in the skin get blocked with sebum (i.e. oil which is responsible for the normal lubrication of the skin and hair) and dead skin layers. When these clogged pores get infected by certain organisms present in the environment around us, they then start developing or maturing in to whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, pustules (a small blister or pimple containing pus), cysts and abscesses.
What results, is the resulting low self esteem and a disturbed personality full of low confidence which hampers the person’s potential growth. These small eruptions often turn out to be part of a vicious cycle where no sooner than one crop of acne subsides, it paves way for the others, leading to endless stress and frustration.
What follows is an endless speculation on the possible causes of this dreaded ailment. Many attribute the cause to be the adolescent hormones, while a few contribute it to the genes and the rest put it down to an oily skin and a predisposition for acne.
All said and done, while none are able to nail the exact cause in most cases, should we let the absence of a perfect diagnosis hamper our search for a cure?
Is there a permanent treatment for this complaint, rather than just advising the individual to wait out the adolescent phase or to administer steroids and antibiotics?
Is there a gentler way out, one with no side-effects and one which is permanent?
Causes of Acne There are multiple causes of acne, a few of which are:

1. Excessive production of sebum due to variation in the hormonal levels especially seen during Puberty.
2. Genetic predisposition
3. Life style factors like faulty diet habits and obesity.
4. Certain disease conditions like Polycystic Ovarian disease (PCOD), psychological factors like stress, anxiety etc.
Symptoms of Acne

1. Whiteheads wherein the pores are clogged and look white, which are often seen on the affected skin
2. Blackheads wherein the pores are clogged and look black, which are often seen on the affected skin
3. Papules or small red, swollen & tender eruptions.
4. Pimples or pustules, which are eruptions containing pus at their tips.
5. Nodules which are large, hard, tender lumps below the skin surface.
6. Less often see, very tender & pus-filled lumps below the skin surface. They are also called as cystic lesions.
Homeopathic medicine & homeopathic treatment for Acne.
Every individual experiences and perceives various outer situations in a different manner based on their individual make-up according to their susceptibility. This is what distinguishes the individual, it is ‘the other song’, the experience, the common thread that runs through the mind and the body and connects it. At ‘the other song’, we look out for the ‘other song in every individual person. It is by eliciting this deepest experience of the person, that we find the pattern that is unique to the individual. It is on this experience and the complaints of the patient that we base our prescription. What is important is that when the patient is thus treated, it not only takes care of his complaints, but also the stress and brings about a change in the quality of life by bringing about an improvement in the tendencies.
Useful Skin Care Tips for Acne:
1. Make use of gentle soaps and face wash. Even washing the face three to four times a day with plain water can help fight the infective organisms
2. Avoid rubbing and touching the skin eruptions. Squeezing, pinching or picking too should be avoided since they can lead to scarring and marks.
3. Avoid frequent use of cosmetics and thick layers of make-up which can worsen the eruptions.
4. Exercise is known to be a part of the healing process. Try to exercise on a regular basis which can help alleviate this condition and relax you mentally as well as physically.
5. Avoid exposure to strong sun-light and harsh chemicals.
6. Consume plenty of fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts and water.

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