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The Other Song Clinic… The Homoeopathic Way of Life!!!

‘the other song’ clinic is led by Dr Rajan Sankaran with a team of highly qualified, internationally recognized and experienced homoeopathic practitioners and lecturers.

We are committed to offering the best care to all patients.

We also have regular awareness and healing workshops on diet, parenting, relationships, and ‘the other song’ awareness workshop.

What is Holistic health?

Health is more than just absence of symptoms and illness!

In the last fifty years there has been tremendous progress in medical science and technology. These advancements have made people believe that ‘disease’ is illness of specific parts of the body.

An individual is comprised of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components operating as a ‘whole unit’ in harmony. Holistic health is essentially an approach to life which considers the whole person and how we interact with our environment.

Healing goes beyond just eliminating symptoms and involves guidance towards the modification of life style, which includes correct eating habits, regular exercises and Meditation to experience a balanced, harmonious and a healthy state.

Awareness is the first step in healing!

We at the other song believe in treating the person as a whole. So we try to use complimenting holistic methods which will enhance the recovery of the patient along with homoeopathic medication. We believe in introducing holistic practises such as yoga, good nutrition , meditation which will help people live a harmonious healthy and happy life.

Whole Food Plant Based Diet is a diet that is based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains and legumes- everything that is naturally derived from plants and naturally suited to human beings.  It excludes meat and non vegetarian products, eggs and dairy products as well as highly refined foods as bleached flour, refined sugar and oil.

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish the body. By eliminating all the processed foods and having plant based foods in its whole form, one can heal himself. Fibre when added to the body helps in cleansing the body. From a period of few weeks to a few months eventually making it a way of life.

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