Whole Food Plant Based Diet

diet-3Mankind has progressed in leaps and folds from  stone age to modern day civilization , but sadly human health has deteriorated . There has been an alarming rise in diseased states in the last few years.  Hypertension, Cardiac Ailments, Infertility, Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus just to name a few,  are so commonly heard of. And  one of the most important  factor influencing these diseases is our lifestyle. Stress , Sedentary lifestyle , Poor Nutrition , Pollution etc. are all adding up to our woes.



Dietary habits and the nutrition derived from it, play a crucial role in contributing to health as well as disease. There has been  great evolution in every sphere, the food industry being no different  has certainly undergone a radical change.  Everyone has access to all types of readymade food products at the snap of a finger. All the supermarkets, local shops offer a variety of food packets, canned foods which are all processed.  These foods contain  addictive elements such as MSG( mono sodium glutamate), flavouring agents etc.  and unknowingly a large section of the society is addicted to it. A vicious cycle forms, we keep accumulating all the chemicals and preservatives and eventually our body and mind are giving away. Knowingly , unknowingly we are succumbing to our wrong eating habits. Eventually our existence is surrounded  by illnesses and doctor visits, all because of our way of life.

diet-5Here comes in the role of food and a few changes in our eating habits will definitely do wonders . If we try and take  a look at our ancestors, they were much healthier as compared to us as they breathed pollution free air and consumed pure natural food. Thus,  if we  follow our ancestral diet, we too can become a  healthier version of ourselves.  After a lot of retrospective as well as prospective studies we have realised sticking to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet ( WFPB) we can cure and even reverse a few diseases.

fruitsWhile following a Whole Food Plant Based  Diet as the name suggests , we eat foods derived from plants. Second we try to eat foods in its whole form, for instance we consume brown rice instead of white as it is not polished, we consume whole green moong dal instead of the yellow moong dal.  The fibre remains intact when foods are not processed and when this fibre enters the human body it cleanses the human body. And last but not the least if we can try and source organic food, which is grown with the help of organic manure, we can definitely alter our health and eventually get rid of our diseases. Dr. Hippocrates,  Father Of Medicine,   had rightly said ‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy food’ , so let us try to  incorporate good eating habits that will ultimately help us heal ourselves.

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