Diet is less food, More mind


So aptly framed. There is so much buzz around new year resolutions, we make some, keep some and , forget some. Many a times people do not make any resolutions as they cannot keep them. However  it is imperative to make a new year resolution . Even if it lasts for a while you’ve tried something positive and you will experience the benefits of it. And if eating healthy is on your priority list, we could help you with that.

Healthy eating could be too overwhelming for beginners , however it is important to begin. Sticking to one of these tips one at a time till it becomes a habit and then adding another tip can help one achieve the desired goal. Here are a few healthy tips to get you started.

Add Fruits And Veggies To Your Diet

Daily eating at least two servings of fruit is a definite way to boost your immunity and a clean habit. The processed and oily snacks could be replaced by fruits which will help you feel much better and healthier.

Do not Skip Meals

Eating at regular intervals is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It helps one maintain good energy levels and feel satiated. One of the best ways to ensure weight loss as eating at regular intervals helps maintain  metabolism and regulates proper digestion of food.

Make it a Lifestyle Change

Healthy eating as  lifestyle change is the final goal to achieve. With persistence and mindful eating one can achieve it.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year !!


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