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Oil Free Dairy free Cooking  Workshop Calender

20th Jan 2018

Let’s begin the new year with a healthy bang. Healthy as well as tasty would be such a lovely combination. It is spring time and we will make dishes which will help you enjoy the seasonal delicacies such as berry smoothie bowl, salad,millet upma, no bean hummus and a vegan mug cake!

24th March 2018

Summer is here. The season of pickles  and ice-creams. So let’s prepare some healthy oil free pickles and also sugar free dairy free ice-creams. Alongside some dairy free buttermilk ,summer salad and  a light snack will add to the holiday mood.

14th July 2018

Here comes the season of heavy rain showers, pleasant wet mud fragrance and how lovely it is to sip some hot drinks. This monsoon we will try to cook some deliciously warm soup, herbal tea, a snack but of course a sweet dish.

1st September 2018

Lets cook some September delicacies, an entire meal  for the day. Let’s make smoothie, pad thai salad, healthy oil free paneer makhanwala, red rice idlis, and coconut kheer. This will set the mood for the festive season that will follow.

27th October  2018

Here comes the festive flavours cooking `class. In this class we will demonstrate some sugar free guilt free no bake chocolates, fruit tart, besan ladooos, alongside some healthy minestrone soup and vegetable broth.

1st December 2018

It is that time of the year where cookies and breads are favourite. This Christmas let’s try our hand at baking breads and also make bread upma , relish some vegan cheese cakes, overnight oats jar, and a winter salad.

Jan 2018

Berry  smoothie Bowl

Carrot Peanut Raisin Salad

Millet Upma

No bean Hummus

Vegan mug cake


March 2018

Cucumber sesame salad

Dairy free Buttermilk

Oil free Chilli and mango Pickle

Dairy free Sugar free Chocolate  Ice-cream

Stir fry Noodles


July 2018

Herbal Tea

Sprouts Soup

Bread Upma

Dairy free Kadhi with Jeera Rice

Chocolate Pudding



Apple green Smoothie

Pad Thai Salad

Paneer Makhanwala

Red Rice Idlis with Chutney

Coconut Milk Kheer


October 2018

Vegan Minestrone soup

Vegetable Broth

Fruit tart

Oil free Sev

Besan Ladoos

No Bake vegan chocolate bars


December 2018

Overnight oats

Beetroot Ccoonut  Salad

Bread Upma

Whole Wheat Bread

Cheese Cake

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