Complimentry Therapies

“Homeopathy is a health practice that uses a systematic approach towards helping people keep their health at optimum levels”. Holistic Care beyond Compare is the ultimate objective of ‘the other song’ clinic. This approach is most effective when alternative therapies supplement homeopathic treatments as is offered by our clinic today.Complimentry Therapies

Many-a-therapy by Dr. Jayesh Shah such as Regression work, Breath work and Birthing Therapy work towards bringing patients closer to a deeper understanding of themselves vis a vis the perceptions of the world around them. In this way they compliment the Academy’s approach to Homeopathy embodied in the Sensation Approach while in the process of discovering the patient’s ‘the other song’!

Personal practices like yoga, meditation, music, physiotherapy and nutrition are also included in the overall treatment recommendations at the Clinic. The attending team of doctors assess each patient and recommend alternative therapies and practices that will complement their homoeopathic treatment.

Through these systematic and well-grounded procedures that best showcase the Sensation Approach of Homeopathy coupled with the state of the art environment of the Academy, we ensure that patients at ‘the other song’ clinic get ‘Care beyond Compare’.

With an aim to make these treatments more valued to the common man, our doctors ably suggest a combination of therapies that compliment the need and uniqueness of each individual, helping him achieve his goal on his terms. These complimentary value add ones have not just benefited the health seekers greatly but also strengthened our belief in ‘the other song’.

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