Understanding Homeopathy:

A Patient’s Perspective *Article taken from 2014 publication Natural Kingdoms: Healing With Homeoapthy by Dr. Rajan Sankaran TRADITIONAL HOMEOPATHY The Law of Similars Homeopathic medicine is a medical art based upon fundamental principles that have been effectively used for healing for hundreds of years. A German physician, Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), who was totally unhappy with the orthodox medical practice of the eighteenth century, discovered something unique which he called the ‘Law of Similars’. In his attempts to discover why cinchona, the bitter red bark of a tropical tree, was an effective medicine......

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Sunscreen Sense- The Safer Alternative?

While it is obvious that using some form of sun protection is necessary and helpful to our skin, you may want to think twice before lathering up with “regular” or synthetic sunscreens. Despite years of sunscreen use, melanoma and other forms of skin cancer are on the rise. Studies have shown that the ingredients in these sunscreens are chemicals that can cause the production of free radicals.   Free radicals damage healthy cells and can lead to chronic disease such as cancer and cardiovascular conditions. Studies have shown that when these chemicals are exposed to heat......

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Sprains and Strains...Homeopathy to the Rescue!

Trekking, playing sport, camping and outdoor activity bring lots of enjoyment, but also lots of opportunity for injury. Being injured is no fun.  While there is no miracle solution that can have you bouncing on a trampoline the day after a sprain or strain, homeopathic medicine can dramatically speed up recovery time and reduce pain and swelling. How effective is it?  Well, effective enough that the Detroit Pistons (American pro basketball team) trainer and physiotherapist, Arnie Kander, uses it as a first line treatment for the team’s injuries.  He has a reputation for using homeopathic......

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Why do people look for an alternative to conventional treatment? They are aware that their current medications are only managing the condition and are interested in ways to get rid of it altogether. They are uncomfortable taking medication for the rest of their lives, particularly because of side effects. They find that despite taking drugs, they still have to live a restricted and limited lifestyle, avoiding as much as possible those triggers that bring on symptoms. What are asthma and allergies from a homeopathic perspective? Let’s start by defining health as a state when the......

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Clarifying the Confusion Surrounding Homeopathy

Ever wonder what homeopathy is all about? A cloud of confusion surrounds the topic of natural medicine, as it all seems to get clumped together.  This lack of clarity makes it difficult for people to decide what form of natural medicine is right for them. The following article will help to clarify what homeopathic medicine is and is not. MYTH#1 Homeopathy is the same as using herbs and vitamins. Classical homeopathy does not involve the use of vitamins or herbs to treat disease.  It is a system of natural medicine using micro-doses of specific substances......

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Time For A Fresh Start:  Back To School Nutrition Tips

After a summer of visits to the ice cream truck and bike rides to the corner store for treats, it’s time to get our kid’s diets back on track for the school year.   It’s also an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves to improve the way we handle what I call “school day nutrition”. Easy, right?…Well, not necessarily.  There are obstacles that stand in the way of our children getting an ideal diet. Obstacle #1:  Time.  (or lack of it) As we run around like chickens with our heads cut off getting ourselves and our......

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Consumer Warning: Are Non-Organic Brand Name Breakfast Cereals Poisoning the Public?

Published on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 by Healthy News Service Back to Healthy News   PURE FOOD WATCH – April 2006 By Floyd L Cranmer Jr. We have all heard the statement that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But that is true only if we eat a healthy breakfast. Since cereals are a ready-to-eat food it is probably one of the most popular breakfast choices. If we walk up and down the aisles of most grocery stores and read the labels on the boxes of cereal, we soon discover that many......

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