Case-taking Interview

Case-taking is the first step towards treatment at ‘the other song’ clinic. It is a downloadsystematic and scientific process that paves the way for the doctors to delve deep into each case and develop an in-depth and a detailed understanding of the patient as a whole being.

At our clinic, the case is studied twice, once by the Resident Doctor in charge of the patient care and then by the Consultant. The ‘Case Receiving and Analysis’ i.e. the first case receiving interview with the Resident Doctor is the most vital step of the treatment. It ensures that the patient is relaxed and comfortable in the course of the interview. This process helps build a rapport between the patient and the Resident Doctor who will be with him through his treatment. Also, it prepares the patient for the next interview with the Consultant, giving him a fair idea what sort of questions to expect.

The extensive nature of the process of case-taking practiced at the Academy opens up the path for doctors to determine the specific route of treatment for the patient. It enables doctors to tune into ‘the other song’ playing deep within the patient.

All doctors at the clinic are well trained and proficient in the process of case-taking, which is an art perfected over a period of time in a scientific manner.


What to expect after the case-taking interview

After the patient’s case-taking interview, the Consultant and the Resident discuss the different aspects of the interview and through their knowledge and experience of Homoeopathy, prescribe a medicine for the patient. The patient may have to wait for a brief period on the clinic premises, where our Patient Relation Officer, helps the patient get oriented with Homoeopathy by encouraging him to view short clips on Homoeopathy on the clinic premises.

The Resident Doctor in charge of the patient care, then talks to the patient about the medication and advises any complementary therapies if required. He / she also addresses the patient’s doubts and queries.

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