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Consultant Schedule


Homoeopathic Consultation
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr. Rajan Sankaran 9am – 1pm 9am – 1pm 9am – 1pm
Dr. Mahesh Gandhi 9am – 5pm
Dr. Jayesh Shah 9am – 5pm
Dr. Sujit Chatterjee 9am – 5pm
Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar Once in two months
Dr. Gajanan Dhanipkar 9am – 5pm
Dr. Paresh Vasani 9am – 5pm
Dr. Rashmi Jaising 11am – 5pm
Dr. Shekhar Algundgi 9am – 1pm
Dr. Munjal Thakkar 2pm – 5pm(1st mon of the month)
Dr. Ashok Borkar Once a month
Dr. Meghna Shah 2pm-6pm 2pm-6pm 2pm-6pm 2pm-6pm 9am-6pm
Dr. Rishi Vyas 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm
Dr. Pratik Desai 9am-6pm 9am-9pm 9am-6pm 9am-9pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm
Dr. Manish Yadav 2pm-6pm 2pm-6pm 2pm-6pm 2pm-6pm
Dr. Devang Shah 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm
Dr. Amruta Hede 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm
Dr. Sadaf Ulde 2pm-6pm
Dr. Sunita Gandhi 2pm-5pm
Evening Clinic
Dr. Shahrukh Shaikh 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm 5pm-7pm
Diet Consultation
Dr. Komal Gandhi 3pm-5pm 3pm-5pm 3pm-5pm 3pm-5pm 3pm-5pm 3pm-5pm

For appointments:
📞Call or whatsapp : 022-42616666
New appointments : +91 7738322289 ; +91 9372723119

For Patient comfort- Online Consultations available as well.
For appointments 📩Email : ;
Visit us online on :

Address :the other song clinic – care beyond compare.
Our Address is : 1001, Peninsula Heights, C. D. Burfiwala Marg, Juhu Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058.

Steps of clinic process


STEP I: Ask for an appointment

Call, email, or visit our website to ask for an appointment. Please provide all pertinent information such as full name, contact details, and basic information about your chief complaint or illness.

STEP II: Select a mode of consultation

The Clinic will respond to your inquiry / request within 48 hours, and schedule a tentative date, time and mode (In person/Skype)  for your appointment.



STEP III: Confirm an appointment

To confirm your appointment, please pay the required fee. Payment can be made
through credit or debit card; cash or cheque.

STEP IV: Fill a case record form

The Clinic will give / mail you a Case Record Form. You can also download it from the website. This form helps us study your case from various aspects. You need to bring the form with you at the time of your scheduled appointment or mail it before your Skype consultation.



STEP V: Expert consultation

As a patient your case is taken up by a team of doctors comprising of Consultant and Resident Doctors. They work closely together to provide the diagnosis and the best treatment for the patient. After homeopathic consultation you will be guided for complementary diet and Yoga consultation.

STEP VI : Receive medicine

The Pharmacy team will dispense the medicine and explain the modes and means of administration thoroughly. In case of Skype consultation medicines will be delivered at your location.


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