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In the recent past there have been an increasing number of females coming with complaint of absent menses or missed menstrual cycles for months. Since this is not a life threatening disease most of the general population takes the treatment from a local doctor and feels better AS LONG AS MEDICINES ARE GOING ON. Once the medicines are stopped the complaint more often than not relapses. Then the patients undergo a variety of investigations and consult another physician for the same. This kind of running from one doctor to other doctor goes on; however the problems still persists in majority of the cases.

A woman who misses 3 periods in a row is labeled to have amenorrhea. Amenorrhea in simple terms means absence of menses for 3 consecutive months.


  • Pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause are the natural causes of amenorrhea.
  • There are many other reasons which can cause of missing the menses.
  • One of the most common causes of amenorrhea is hormonal disturbance. Production of female sex hormones can be affected by range of factors emotional stress being the most common source.
  • The most prevalent PCOS which is related to hormonal disturbance is most common cause of amenorrhea in today’s fast and busy world which is often stress induced.
  • It could be drug induced like a woman taking birth control pills will have missed periods for atleast 4-6 months after stopping the pills.
  • Certain medications like antipsychotics, antidepressants and cancer chemotherapy could also lead to amenorrhea.
  • Lastly the structural problems in the female reproductive system can also result in amenorrhea.

One way to look at this disease is to treat in such a way that the menses return but ONLY TILL THE MEDICINES ARE ON. The other way which is the holistic way of looking at this disease is that amenorrhea is a sign of something not ok in the body. This symptom is a signal that the inner harmony of the individual is disturbed. Holistic medical treatments believe in treating this inner disturbance than just to prescribe medicines to bring on the menses. What is holistic treatment? In simple terms it means to treat the mind and body both together.

Homoeopathy is one of the best and emerging forms of holistic treatment and is arguably the only therapy with no negative side effects or after effects. It not only addresses the symptom, the disease, the cause thereof but the whole totality of the patient. It touches not only the touches the body, the function of the body, the mind but also the aura of the spirit which animates the entire individuality.

I wish to share a case of irregular menses in a college student. This case demonstrates the holistic feature of true classical homeopathy.

So this 20-year-old, came with complaints of irregular menses since 7 years. She has been trying various forms of treatment without much success. She like all other patients was skeptical of homeopathy but out of despair she came for the homeopathic treatment. She used to get menses every 3-4 months. Imagine the scenario at home where a college going girl not getting menses created a lot of tension at home. Parents were worried and this led to many misunderstandings creating an atmosphere of tension at home. She had a variety of abnormal fears of ghosts, insects, dogs and of the dark. The mere sight of cockroach and she would shriek so loudly that the neighbors used to come running anticipating some emergency. Based on the physical problem and studying her mind state a suitable homeopathic remedy was prescribed.

To the surprise of the patient she got her menses within 2 weeks of the treatment. This developed some faith and belief that HOMOEOPATHY WORKS.

She has been regular in her follow ups and the menses have been regular i.e. every 40 days compared to every 3-4 months before homoeopathic treatment. Her fears have reduced to a large extent.

What was interesting was she had a patch of alopecia (a patch of baldness) which she never mentioned and this patch also became normal. The tension in family reduced and harmony in the family was restored. She still comes for treatment for occasional cough and cold, and has become a staunch follower of homeopathy since then.

Homeopathy has a large potential to treat many if not all diseases in this busy stressful world of ours.

  • Continue to ignore your symptoms, and experience a slow increase in discomfort, which will correspond to a decrease in your overall health.
  • Treat your symptoms with the latest drugs or painkillers and creating short term relief and long term damage to the rest of your body or
  • Listen to your body and begin applying a holistic approach to wellness. Treat the whole being, not just the symptoms.

So choice is yours………


Senior resident at ‘the other song’

Dr. Devang Shah graduated from D.S. Homoeopathic Medical College and has been practicing homoeopathy for the last 5 years. He feels blessed to have studied under Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee and Dr Mahesh Gandhi. His goal in each case is to reach to the depth of it and locate the root from where the branches of disease originate. He has been known among his colleagues and clients to have immense ability to be patient and unearth the disturbance within each suffering soul. “Silence is the opening of an infinite world within each of us. May we reach the depth so that the spirit arises”!

He practices daily at the other song


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