Acutes And Emergencies

istock_000000522737_largeWhen under treatment, you may be afflicted with various acute conditions like diarrhoea, cold, cough, fever, vomiting etc. or any emergency medical situations. This does not imply that any of these conditions are induced by homoeopathic medicine. A patient is always advised to contact his Resident Doctor during such conditions. It has been observed that if the patient resorts to Homoeopathy during these phases too, his immunity is rendered stronger and the recurrence is controlled. Also, the symptoms that a patient develops during this phase form a valuable guide for his long-term treatment.

The patient can call up at the clinic reception and identify himself by mentioning his Case-id (mentioned on the Appointment card) and ask to speak to the Resident Doctor. If the Resident Doctor is busy, the reception staff will take down your message and will connect you to your doctor as soon as he is free. In case of emergencies, the reception can transfer your call to the other Resident Doctor on your team (who is completely updated about your case details and progress). He / she will guide you and will advise what is to be done.

During the clinic hours, the clinic reception is the main point of contact for all the phone calls. There are specific call hours allotted for the same, where you can be directly connected to your Resident Doctor.

They are:

If, in any case the clinic number is not reachable, please leave a message on Resident Doctor’s phone or mail him. The Resident doctor will call you back. Only in case of emergencies after the clinic hours, you can call at the personal contact number of the Resident doctor. In circumstances, when none of the above are reachable, there is also an emergency line for the patients, where their call will be attended by a Resident Doctor from the team of doctors at the other song clinic.

Depending on your condition, the doctor can advise you means and measures over the phone or may call you to the clinic or suggest investigations or a referral to nearby doctor for examination as the situation demands. Most patients are given some special medicines packed in a brown envelope which are to be used only in case of such acute situations as per the instructions of the Resident doctor.

There is also an ‘Emergency kit’ of medicines available at our clinic pharmacy that contains standard medicines which come in handy for such acute conditions. This kit is especially useful for children, elderly patients and patient having chronic conditions.

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